Langtang Valley Trek

Hey everyone

I’ve currently been looking around for a good trek to do, and after seeing all different propositions I got at lots of different offices I did really like the Langtang + Gossikunda trip ending at Melamchi. It takes about 11-12 days but the number of days is not fixed and can be extended if we feel so, it is even possible to continue for some days further down after Melamchi
For the budget, I would like to make is as cheap as possible, with accomodation and food at own cost, which makes it much cheaper because I’m convinced packaged prices to highly overcharge these facilities.
I don’t mind going alone with a guide, however I’m sure it can be much more enjoyable to go with one or more people, so if anyone is interested, let me know =)

Greets from Kathmandu,



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  1. Hey, ive got a guide starting this weekend. I’m just looking for some folks to come along. Where are you from in Belgium? I’d love a chance to practice some French. I’m up for a cheap trip and I’m flexible on dates and the length of the trip.

    • Hey Sylvie
      I’ve also got a guide ready for the trekk listed above, through Langtang Region and then down the Helambu Region. It is extendable as much as I wish.
      And yes, I am from the french part of Belgium, so that would be no problem =)