Langtang Valley +/- Gosainkund from 25/08 to 07/09

Hi !

I am looking for companions to go to the Langtang Valley trekking and then to the Gosainkund trekking (nices lakes) from 25 of august to 07 of september (approximatly). Its around 12 days of trekking. I have some experience of trekking. I did different treks in Himalaya in India (Himachal pradesh and Laddak) and in Bolivia. I have already climb 2 peacks above 6000m high, but not technically difficult. I love mountains and I use to go trekking in France.

I am medical student. I have been traveling in India since june and now I am going to Nepal. I use to travel around the word. After this trek, I will do the trekking around annapurna the first week of october.

If anyone wants to joins, it will be a pleasure !

See you !




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  1. Sounds great Maite. I arrive on the 24th but need to be back before the 5th as I’m doing a mountainbiking trip via EBC.
    If your trip becomes shorter before the weekend. Please let me know.
    I have trekked Annapurna circuit, Mainz trails in the Andes and New Zealand,and at home in Ireland.
    Jet me know if you’re flexible.

  2. Hi ! I also arrive on the 24th in Katmandu, we can meet there and plan this trekking. And yes I am flexible, I was thinking to shorter this trekking cause I want also to visit the valley of katmandu (then I have a meditaion curses on the 7th, then I will go to the annapurna and combinate the trekking around with climbing a peak in this region…). That why I need some time to visit the valley of katmandu in september.
    See you soon!

  3. Great!I emailed you Maite. Sorry for delay. 😉