Langtang: Taking Tilman’s Trail

I’m heading out to trek two days in the Tamang Heritage area, then Langtang – Ganja La – Helambu.  Walking back into Kathmandu at Sundarijal.  I’m also climbing Baden-Powell Scout Peak, which is three extra days from Kyanjin Gompa return (first day hike to high camp; next day summit and back to high camp, third day back to Kyanjin Gompa).  You can take or leave this non-technical snowy, glaciated peak if you’re not interested . . . I’m not a mountaineer by any stretch, but have always been intrigued.

I’ve hired a mountain guide/porters/cook for seven days for this Baden-Powell – Ganja La section of the trek.  Overnights for these seven days will be in tents . . . the rest of the trek we’ll be staying in lodges.  I’m flexible on the day to day itinerary, and it is still a bit malleable, but my start and end dates are pretty much fixed.



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