Langtang or Annapurna Region

Hi guys,

Il be in Nepal for around 20 days and im planning to so some trekking. Hopefully it wont take me more than 12 days so taking into account the time i have i can only be Langtang or Annapurna Base Camp I want something challenging but at the same time to be safe. Any recommendations on which one to choose?Ill be there in late march and dont have a lot of warm cloth or equipment. Im pretty fit but still dont know how challenging are these treks, Is anyone planning the same trip? Maybe we can share costs and get a guide.
Happy travel my friends! Enjoy



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  1. Hey, you entire description sounds just what I’m looking for! I’d like to leave as soon as possible so let me know if your interested in meeting up!

  2. Hello mia! Happy to hear from you! I get to nepal tomorrow. So maybe planing to leave for the trek on friday or saturday. Is that to late for you?

  3. Have you two left yet? I’m here in Kathmandu and looking for a small group to join as well that would coincide with your plan. I was looking at around a 12 day trip leaving ASAP into the Langtang valley, but am somewhat flexible.

  4. Hi Elliot, I’ve been looking at Tamang Heritage Trail and Langtang Valley if that’s of any interest, though I was thinking more like 15 days…