Langtang, Naya Kanga, Ganja La, Helambu


I am planning a trek in Langtang from 20 March to 6 April. The route is a challenging one, and incorporates a trekking peak (Naya Kanga, 5846m) and a pass crossing (Ganja La) requiring crampons and fixed ropes. My itinerary starts off with the classic Langtang trek, teahouse-style, then I plan to spend a few days doing acclimatisation hikes around Kyangjin Gompa, attempt Naya Kanga, and cross over the Ganja La (camping), exiting in Tarke Ghyang (Helambu) on the other side, where tea-houses become available again. Then, depending on time and what we feel like, we could either hike a couple of days southwards to Melamchi Bazar for an easy exit to Kathmandu, or turn west and do the Gosaikund trek ending at Dhunche (or split up).

I would say this trek is not suitable for first-time trekkers in Nepal, unless you have similar experience elsewhere. I have chosen a route which I feel will be physically demanding, while still being accessible to “advanced beginners”. While Naya Kanga is one of the “easier” trekking peaks, it is still a big mountain and there are some technical sections, steep snow slopes and a narrow ridge (rated PD+). This is my first trekking peak, and I felt it was a good choice to balance a real challenge with something possible for to relative beginners.

While I generally like trekking independently, given the inclusion of a trekking peak, this time I am going with a guide and porter(s) on this trip. I do not have much snow or ice climbing experience (a single 4000m peak ascent in the European alps), so the guide will lead us up the technical sections and fix ropes for safety, and will also help us navigate the Ganja La crossing afterwards. I have already arranged for a guide and porters with an agency in Kathmandu, they will follow the itinerary we want. I was quoted US $1400 per person if there are at least 2 going, for 15 days + a daily rate beyond that.

The plan is also weather dependent, and it may turn out not to be possible to climb the peak and cross the pass if there is too much snow or the weather is bad. In that case, plan B would be to backtrack out of the Langtang valley and do the Gosaikund trek (I’m open to other options too, maybe Yala peak).

Here is the detailed itinerary I’m proposing:

Date Day Trek
20-Mar-15 1 Preparation day in Kathmandu. Meet guide, rent gear, etc.
21-Mar-15 2 Kathmandu – Dhunche or Syanpru Bensi by bus (1450m).
22-Mar-15 3 Dhunche/Syabru Bensi – Lama Hotel (2480m) [5hrs]
23-Mar-15 4 Lama Hotel – Langtang village (3541m) [5hrs]
24-Mar-15 5 Langtang village – Kyangjin Gompa (3900m) [3hrs]
25-Mar-15 6 Acclimatization day 1 (e.g. hike along valley to Langtang glaciers)
26-Mar-15 7 Acclimatization day 2 (e.g. Tsergo Ri ascent to 4974m and back down) (optional but recommended)
27-Mar-15 8 Kyangjin – Base Camp (4456m) [5hrs]
28-Mar-15 9 High camp (4987m) [6hrs]
29-Mar-15 10 High Camp – Summit Naya Kang (5890m) and back down to Base Camp
30-Mar-15 11 Base Camp – Ganjala Pass (5130m) and overnight at Steep pass.
31-Apr-15 12 Steep Pass – Yangry Gaun.
01-Apr-15 13 Yangry Gaun – Tarke Ghyang [6hrs]

Option A – if we want to end the trek or run out of time
02-Apr-15 14 Tarkegyang rest day or general buffer day (optional)
03-Apr-15 15 Tarkegyang – Sermathang [4hrs]
04-Apr-15 16 Sermathang – Melamchi Bazar [5hrs]
05-Apr-15 17 Melamchi Bazar – Kathmandu (3hrs drive by Bus)
(Alternatively we could make for Sundarijal.)

Option B – if there’s time and we want to continue trekking
02-Apr-15 14 Tarkeghyang to Melamchigyang [6hrs]
03-Apr-15 15 Melamchigyang to Tharepati [5hrs] or Gopte [7hrs]
04-Apr-15 16 Tharepati/Gopte-Laurebina La-Gosaikund [8hrs]
05-Apr-15 17 Gosaikund to Dhunche [6hrs]
06-Apr-15 18 Dhunche-Kathmandu by bus

Let me know if you’re interested, I can discuss and give more details in private!




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