Langtang – Kyanjin Ri Starting 28 FEB :)


Me and a friend were planning a 1 week Langtang trek starting tentatively on the 28th. I’ve trekked a bit (Base Camp Kangchenjunga/Annapurna circuit/Poon hill etc) My friend is a newbie so she wants to take it easy. So planning a KTM-KTM 7-8 day tea house trek. It would be great to meet up and travel with some like minded travellers. Would also like tips/advice from anyone who’s done this trek recently.

Plan to hire a 4WD to Syaru Besi. Its a little expensive but with 4-6 people to share will turn out quite reasonable. Start trekking from Syaru Besi onwards to Kyanjin Gompa -Kyanji Ri and back. I reckon we can do this trip in 8 days. About us, we are two laid back pilots from India who love nature and supposedly have a sense of humour 8)=





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  1. Hi Ramesh,
    sounds great but im planning later on in the year after monsoons,poss December if you know anyone wanting to trek together?



  2. Hi Peter,

    Early December ought to be good. If theres someone I know who’s planning for the same time, ill surely keep you posted.