Langtang, Helambu, or Gosiankund 6-day trek


I’m looking for a partner or perhaps a reasonably priced guide to do a 5-6 day trek near Kathmandu beginning Nov 10. I do not live at high altitude but am experienced trekker at high altitudes (US, India, Chile) and prefer a route that will at least be somewhat challenging at times. I almost prefer camping at night, but teahouses are ok too. This is my first time in Nepal.

A bit about me: easygoing American that has spent much time living and traveling in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. In Nepal for a conference on sustainable transport. Hoping to have a great trek adventure, do some reading in the evenings, see beautiful landscape, and learn more about the culture.




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  1. Hi colin due to august 25 earthquake the lantang valley was completely destroyed. So treaking is temporarily closed for Lantanga.