Langtang Helambu – date and length are flexibel

It’s my fourth time in Nepal. I hiked around Annapurna, Kanchenjunga and Dolpo. All in a group with porters, guides and tents. Now I would like to go a bit less organised. But since i am keen on getting lost and enjoy company of others I would like to hike with a nice trekkig partner(s).

I am thinking of a hike in Langtang and probably continue to Helambu.
I am planning to leave around the 17th of nov. I can walk in silence for hours but after the hike or during some ‘Nepali flat pieces’ I love to have a nice chat.
Can’t wait to be in the mountains!



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  1. I’m goin to pokhara during mid december.will you be there?

  2. Hi
    I am also interested to hike to helambu and around. I am from kathmandu

  3. I plan to do a trek in Langtang for more or less ten days. I am now in chitwan and I think I will be in kathmandu in a few days. I will need at least one day there to look seriously at the map and get the trekking permit. I am flexible but don’t want to stay one week waiting in Kathmandu 🙂
    Contact me!

  4. Hi there!

    my girlfriend and me will do langtang too, we were planning to start around the 15th of nov. from tomorrow on we are in Banepa and would come directly to Langtang. We are going to work on a farm of a Nepali who was a guide for 15 years, from there we wanted to plan more precise where, what and how.
    let me know how your planning is going!!

  5. Hi,
    I’m in Kathmandu now, planing to leave in a few days to Helambu/Langtang.
    Can you leave earlier than 17th?

  6. Hi Zviz,
    Yeah I can leave from the 13th on. Let’s meet up somwhere in Thamel this weekend.
    Sarah when will you be in town?

  7. I will be in town tomorrow afternoon! I will send you an email tomorrow when I will have find a place to stay in Thamel. See you soon!

  8. Hi,
    I sent you an email, did u get it?

  9. hey, we would like to leave on the 15th? is that an option for you??
    please keep me updated on your plans, since carlotta,30 and hendrik, 28 would really like to join you guys, but at the moment we are on a farm in banepa and we just meet some incredible kids we would like to spend some days exploring the forrests with, on the search for the leopard….wohooo…sorry, we cant make it for the dinner tomorrow.

    bye bye.

  10. Hi Hendrik (and the rest),
    Today most of us met, Zvi, Sarah, Joanna and me. Sarah and Zvi are trying to meet up tonight with Dinesh and then we will leave on thursday or Friday. Is thursday also possible for you guys, it will give us a little more time on the trek since most of us have to be back on the 25th. We are planning to go to langtang and to the lakes, a 10 day trek.

  11. Hey everybody!

    thanks for waiting till thursday, which is great for us! we will be back on wednesday, and if possible we could meet some of you in the afternoon or for dinner, to find out which muesli bar we need to shop and so on…
    if you decide for friday please let us know, will be also good for us.

    see you soon!

  12. Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry to intrude on your post here, but I wanted to invite you to a dinner tonight in Thamel with a few travellers off the site.

    We’re meeting at the Pumpernickel Bakery at 7:20pm and then heading to the Revolution restaurant near the KEEP office. Feel free to email me at or call me at 981-807-6058 for direction.

    Would be great if you can make it, otherwise have a great trip to Langtang.


  13. Alex thanks for the invite, saw it to late though.
    Hendrik we are meeting up tomorrow at 2 at the tourist service centre perhaps we can meet up there and afterwards have a drink?
    And since I am stuck up with work I have to leave on Friday, I need Thursday to finish some last things, Hope that’s oke for everyone.
    see you soon and looking forward to trek with you all!

  14. Hey everybody, I hope you are great!
    We are in Banepa and heard there will be strikes/roadblocks for 1week in the whole country, meaning no buses and cars can go to nowhere. I would be so happy to hear different news from you!?
    If anyone of you has a Nepali mobilenumber maybe I can call you this afternoon to have a little chat. If there is a chance to go, Friday is good for us.

  15. hey guys,

    I think you are all gone by now :/


  16. Sorry, I don’t have any fresh news about the strike. I asked people in my guest house but they are not optimistic. .. hope they are wrong. .
    Then, Jo, we are still in kathmandu and meeting this afternoon at 2pm at the tourist service center if you wanna join. Maybe we will find more informations there about the possibilities to do the trek (if it’s open).

  17. Hi all,
    after i heard about the tourist bus bombing I really feel like waiting till after elections with my trek. Sarah and Gioanna are still planning to go tomorrow so does who want to leave also can join them. I wam planning to leave arround 20 or 21st of nov. so if you want to join please let me know.