LangTang GossainKunda Trek


I am looking for trekking partners to trek in the LangTang National Park region. I am really interested in seeing the Gosainkunda Basin (lots of alpine lakes), other than that I am flexible on the route and side trips etc.

I want to do this trek independently but would like to hike with some people to share the experience with. I have never been to Nepal but I have done lots of hiking/trekking in New Zealand and the USA.

I arrive in Kathmandu on Nov 2nd and I head out to do the Mansalu trek on the 15th, so I am looking to do a shorter easier trek to get use to the area and it would be awesome if someone wanted to join.

Let me know if you interested.



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  1. Hi! I arrive to nepal on Nov 15 and also plan to do a short trek as I only have two weeks and would like visit some of the other towns around Kathmandu. Would you be willing to leave a day or two after the 15th?

    • Sorry but I would like to leave for the Langtang valley between Nov 4-6th so our dates don’t match unfortunately.

  2. Hi 🙂 I’m in Pokhara and just finished ABC. It was incredible and I’m not ready to stop trekking just yet (I was supposed to do circuit but change plans after the storm). I’m definitely keen to do Langtang for another 8-10 days. I need to be back by 18 nov to organise my Indian visa so that would be perfect. I’m from South Africa and am 26. Would you be leaving from kathmandu? I can meet you there before if you’re interested.

    Warm regards,


    • Hi Sarah,

      It would be awesome if you wanted do the Langtang trek too! My time frame for this trek is from Nov 4th-14th. I am leaving from Kathmandu since it’s the closest major city to the trek.

      There are buses or jeep hires from Kathmandu to get to the start near Dhunche. I’m leaning towards wanting to hire jeep since it’s a pretty treacherous road.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Congrats on completing the ABC! I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hey Sarah,

      Also, for sure we can meet up in Kathmandu. On Nov 3rd would be best if possible. Keep in touch.


    • Awesome 🙂 thank you, ABC was incredible – and cold! There’s lots of snow at the moment.
      Are you looking at starting at thulo syabru or dhunche?
      I’m happy to meet up on the 3rd. We took a jeep to get to ABC starting point so I’m happy to look into that option too. I do have a tight budget but looks like it’s not a long trip from kathmandu so it should be affordable 🙂

      We will need to watch the weather because there’s another storm coming in from India but hopefully it won’t affect this area too much. Is the highest elevation 4600m on the route you’re considering?

      Looking forward to meeting you.


    • Hi Sarah,

      4665m is the highest pass on the route, its right before the Gosainkunda Basin. There are a couple different starting locations depending on the route Syabru Bensi is the village that most trekkers take the bus to in order to start the Langtang valley and dhunche is a little closer to Gosainkunda.

      I am open to pretty much any ideas on the staring location & route. I would love to hike both in the Langtang Valley and get up to Gosainkunda Basin if there is enough time, but of course if the weather is not looking good I am very willing to alter my plans to a safer route or turn around. Is there a good weather website for Nepal?

      Safe travels back to Kathmandu.


  3. Hello again, was chatting to a guide who’s become a friend (since ABC) and he recommends starting at Syabru Bensi. I’ll go chat to him tomorrow to look at a route. I also need to get new permits etc. shall let ya know!

  4. Hello. I just finished Manaslu. I am interested in a shorter easier trek like Langtang. I am in Kathmandu now. I would love to hear of your plans. I can provide a local cell number if you like.