Langtang Gosainkund

Hi Guys,
I am Sophie from Germany, travelling in nepal for three month. I would love to see Gosainkund, doing a trek for around 11 days (not sure yet) in langtang. I have an idea about a possible route and would like to go without guide (too expensive for me), because I heard it is possible to find the way by asking people and checking the map. But I don’t want to go all alone (I am not an experienced trekker, I only did poonhill with guide), so it would be nice to have some people around. I am in pokhara right now, planning to start a trek end of November, maybe around 21./ 22. nov. (after election troubles). Just let me know if you’re interested, I am also open for other ideas! Also I am not sure if the weather is still warm enough for langtang (heard winter season starts soon).
if there are enough people, we can also think about a guide, just tell me your ideas..Would be great to hear from you…



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  1. hi ,
    i can give some ideas and joint ,but i will not earlier than 26th in KTM


  2. Okay, I will be in KTM on 20th, one guy and me will meet around 4/ 5pm to chat about plans, so if anybody else wants to join, feel free and write me.

  3. i will come finally on 29th Nov in KTM and will do Khopra trek for about 14-15 days. No commercial trail .


  4. hei goddi,

    will be heaing west around the 27 of novembr for some treks there in suklaphanta, bardia and other tracks if you wanna join. am trakking alone so would be nice to have some company.