Langtang and Helambu


I am arriving in Kathmandu on December the 14th and looking to organise a trek to the Langtang region for around 2 weeks. I am more interested in finding a like-minded trekking partner than anything else so I’ll tell you a bit about myself.

I am a 26 year old kiwi, love reading real books on paper, passionate about nature and looking after the environment, a bit of a math and physics nerd and love to do handstands and back flips. I am looking to do a trek that combines a bit of physical exertion and stunning scenery and to learn about the Nepalese way of life and culture. So…probably looking to hire a guide because a) I think you get more insight into the culture and language – I would love to learn some Nepalese!, b) they know all the sneaky side trips and c) then I am giving back to the community who has lived on this land for so long (ensuring I don’t go through an agency that fleeces all the money and doesn’t pay their guides well).

I am not particularly rigid with my plans, as I like to take things as they come, so feel free to give suggestions if you are on the same page. Additional to this – ideally I was thinking to go as early as possible on the / a trek as it will be heading into winter; but i am in Nepal till the 16th of January, so happy to combine with anyone if they are coming a bit later.

If this sounds like you, flick me an email with a bit about yourself and what you are keen to do and maybe we can meet up in Nepal!

Super excited!


New Zealand


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  1. Hey Kate! I am arriving on Kathmandu on December the 14th and looking for some cool people to do the trekking. It would be great to join you guys. I am just concerned about the duration of the trekking as I have a flight back on dec 27th

    Let me know your plans 🙂

  2. Hey Kate!

    I am arriving in Kathmandu on 20th December. Is there a possibility of joining you guys on the trek. If you may be leaving after that.
    As you mentioned about your interest in Mathematics. I have just started my PhD in Mathematics. What do you do?