Langtang and Helambu

I want to hike the Langtang Valley route.
If I can find someone who is keen, I’d love to head south from Kyanjin Gompa to Ganja La and possibly Tarkeghyang, to loop around to Laurebina Pass and Gosainkunda.

I’m an avid backpacker. I spend every weekend in the mountains. I have all the necessary camping/mountaineering gear.

I like fairly long days and am used to climbing lots of elevation, but I don’t have experience above 3500m, so unfortunately, I’m not sure how I’ll react.



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  1. Hi Taisa, Are your dates fixed on leaving Kathmandu on the 29th October? Do you intend on carrying all your own gear?

  2. Hi;
    you mean a keen someone but at first you have to an exam for
    the acclimatization..


  3. Hey Taisa,

    Are your dates flexible? I land in Kathmandu on October 24th, and have to be back in Kathmandu on November 1st. I’m hoping to get as much trekking in as possible during this time. I too an avid backpacker and gained my mountain legs while living in the mountains of Crowsnest Pass, AB, which you might be aware of, being Canadian. I have lots of altitude experience and am able to keep a fairly quick pace. I’ve been looking at trekking Langtang due to the time window. Let me know what you think.


    • I couldn’t find anyone with mountaineering experience, so I changed my dates and decided to do Manaslu instead. Too bad, that would have been fun!

    • Hi Jackie,
      I was planning on doing the Manaslu circuit with a friend, but he had something urgent and had to cancel (you need 2 foreigners for the restricted permit). I land in Kathmandu on October 22nd, and was thinking of doing Langtang now. I hike a lot, have done a few treks this year. This will be my first high elevation hike, and want to keep the pack light and stay in teahouses. Let me know if you are interested in travelling together! My dates are flexible

  4. Sorry, my dates have actually changed. I need to figure out how to take this post down.