Langtang and Helambu

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m a student from Australia. I don’t have a whole lot of experience trekking, except for recently doing ABC.

I would like to do a trek in the Langtang/Helambu region but I don’t have a specific plan yet. I’d like to trek for 10-12 days but I’m very flexible.

I’m not in a rush and am not a super fast walker, so I’m looking for partners who ideally aren’t on a strict timeframe!

I’m looking at doing the trek independently at the moment, but I’m open to getting a guide if needed.



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  1. HEY!! If you want a guide or any thing here in Nepal just let me know. you can contact me through WHATSSAP +9779823498293

  2. Hi,

    I’ve just arrived in Kathmandu (today) and will be looking to do some unguided treks over the next couple of months. I’m actually predominantly here for kayaking but I think I’ll struggle to find kayak partners until late February/early March so I’m keen to get in some treks before then.

    I’m a 28 year old British guy with quite a lot of experience in multi-day trekking and mountaineering. I’m currently in Kathmandu so if you are still around it would be good to meet for a drink and chat to make plans. I’m flexible as to trekking routes and dates.



    • Yes that would be great! I’ll be back on the 9th if you want to meet then? At this stage I’m thinking of leaving on the 11th or 12th instead of the 10th.

  3. I’ve now got some kayaking lined up for late next week for a few days so I might need to start a touch later than that. But let’s meet on the 9th to chat through options – I’ve also suggested to another guy that is arriving in Kathmandu then that he comes along. Shall we say 8pm? I’m staying at Zen B&B in Thamel so maybe come and find me there (I’ll try and be in reception but otherwise just ask for the guy with a kayak)? Or if you can suggest a bar I can come there.

    • Ok sounds good. I’ll meet you at Zen at 8pm 🙂


Duration 10 days