Langtang and beyond (possibly)

Hi there!

My name is Laura. I’m 32 from USA. Planning to head to langtang shortly. Am pretty open on my plan and trekking time. Would like to start in langtang and then possibly tamang, gosainkund and/or helambu. I realize that is super vague but wanting to follow what I feel like in the moment. Plan is to start in langtang. If you are cool with that and open to dividing up if necessary then great! I just finished abc and was alone and it was great. I’m not looking for a group that I need to be with hiking together all the time but it would be great to have a few people in case anything comes up and to share some of the experience together. I don’t walk super fast and like to enjoy the scenery, taking photos or just taking it all in. So not in a rush to finish. Not planning any guide or porter. I’m in ktm so would be up for meeting up beforehand. Can be reached via cell at 00977 9818436057

Happy trekking!



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  1. good plan , have some similar . in helambu you will meet less people as is not commercial like EBC ,ABC ,AC or Gokyo. I will do Khopra trek for max 15 days. my start is on 30th of Nov. I will landing on 29th ,so this is my the earliest date to meet you up .
    cheers Tom