Ladakh adventures

My partner and I will be in Ladakh in July (and possibly August), so I thought I’d post here in the hopes of finding some like- minded people to join us for some adventures.

We prefer to do things completely independently/unsupported. And as cheaply as possible! So no tours, no porters, no guides (unless there’s a very good reason).

Experience level – we both do a lot of off-track hiking in nz/Australia, and we’re volunteers for Bush Search & Rescue. Not that much in the way of snow/ice stuff though. He’s climbed a couple of 6000m peaks in Bolivia, and we’re about to set off on the dhaulagiri circuit in Nepal (a glacier and a few 5000m-ish passes). We rockclimb recreationally (around 6a). We’ve been travelling around SE Asia and go hiking whenever we find interesting things with not too much red tape.

Gear – we have our camping/cooking stuff. Harnesses for climbing but no rope/rack/quickdraws. Recently acquired some funny looking walking crampons (microspikes).

We haven’t done much research for Ladakh yet. I like the idea of cycling from manali to leh (10 days ish?). No bikes at the moment though! And we’ll probably do some long/challenging hikes, climb some peaks, and see if we can find any rockclimbing.

Get in touch if you’re up for a similar type of thing/are planning something cool.

New Zealand


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  1. I am doing the Stok Kangri climb from 3-11th Aug. Please check here for more details.
    Its mostly a non-technical climb, but takes u upto altiutdes of 6000 m. I plan to do it in a small group, but we may need a few porters for this. Let me know if u r interested , my email is

  2. Hey,

    I’m very much interested. I live in Mumbai. Though i don’t have the liberty of such a long break since college starts.

    I’d like to join you guys for 10-12 days in August?

    Think we can get our plans to overlap? And yes budget travel 🙂

  3. नमस्ते Namasté Hello everybody

    Starting 8 July (+ – 1 or 2 days) I plan to trek/cycle the Zanskar valley, starting in Manali, then Markha etc…
    This will be my 5th or 6th trek so I’m kind of used to it. Have already been in Ladakh, for 10 days.
    I’d like to find friends in this forum, or else I’ll find a group in Manali.
    For more details or to chat a bit : lhuni[a]
    see you ! नमस्ते 🙂

  4. @Nicole Crequer : you can edit/delete posts in Profile -> My activity 🙂