I’m planning to trek to Stok Kangri (Ladakh, India) this summer. My tentative dates are between June 25 – July 15. I’ll be travelling from Delhi, planning to spend approx. 2 weeks in Leh/Ladakh (including 9-10 days for the trek). Currently, I’m planning to do this trek unguided (not with a commercial group). However, certainly looking for experienced (high-altitude trekking exp.) trekking partners to join in. My trekking experience is not much, except for a couple of day treks to a few destinations in Himachal Pradesh followed by an unguided trek from Jiri to EBC (and, a sunrise view of Mt Everest from Kala Patthar) last October (2015). If someone’s heading towards Stok Kangri around that time, let me know. I’ll keep updating this post, as and when I have more concrete information about my departure.

Hope to hear from someone soon! 🙂




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  1. Oh, and I’ve been to Leh before, in Aug 2014. I drove from New Delhi to Leh, Khardung-La, Nubra valley and Pangong and back to New Delhi via Srinagar – Kargil.

  2. Hey Nitin,

    Are you still looking for a trekking buddy? I’d be interested potentially.

    I’m a avid trekker with lots of experience below 4k ( outside of India, plus a bunch of trails in Uttarakandh) and some above (in Himachal and Ladakh and in Dolpo in Nepal).
    I’ve got no mountaineering experience though, which I think might come in handy, at least for the last 5k- to 6k bit?

    Let me know if you’d be interested in teaming up, and we can have a chat(:

    Cheers, Kilian

    • Hey Kilian! Yes, I’m still looking for trek mates. If you’re interested in this one, let’s do it then. Where are you from and what are your current plans and plans for this one? As in, when do you want to do this one? Are you fine with the dates I’ve mentioned above or do you have some other schedule etc.? Let me know.


  3. Hey buddy!

    If its possible to shift the dates like 5 days ahead, that would be better for me, as I got some problems with my prospective visa. So that makes the dates 20th June to July 10th, would that work for you?

    Plan-wise I don’t really have much so far haha.
    I read that it’s a trekking peak, and that it requires no technical skills which is good. If we’re deciding to go ahead and do it, I’ll get maps and start some research.

    I’ve got a pretty decent tent (Vaude Mark II), stove, pot, etc which I’d be totally happy to share.

    Cheers, Kilian

    • Hey! It’s perfectly fine with me. I’m anyway planning to leave from my home city on or around June 17/18 and likely to reach Leh by June 21/22 (if I travel by road). If I catch a last minute flight, I’ll perhaps be in Leh by June 18/19. Will keep you posted about my travel plans.

      If all goes smoothly and as planned, we’d be done by June 30ish and maybe back in Leh city by then. I’m still keeping a few extra days for a “just-in-case” situation. So, my current plan has been moved from June 25 – July 10 to June 21/22 – July 7/8. Depending on the situation and how it all goes, I might end up staying in Leh for a few extra days post July 7/8.

      And, I’m going to try and bring all my equipment with me, too.

      Message me on Facebook, if you want to chat about this further.


  4. Alrighty, those dates sound perfect! I just dropped you a friend-request!