Hi everyone, it’s my second time in Ladakh, from 7 till 23 July. Last time I did Stok Kangri and Markha Valley, This time I want to do another trek and climb another trekking peak over 6000m, Would be great to find like-minded trekkers, my itinerary is not fixed yet and we can discuss it.

I’m Maria, living in Vietnam right now.



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  1. Hi Maria,

    I have almost same time available for a trekking trip, but not yet decided where to go. Have you decided where to go now? Any fixed itinerary?

    I’ve never been to Ladakh, so can’t suggest anything, but maybe I can join you.



  2. Hi. Just saying Hello. It’s fun to be able to see other people who will be around in Ladakh at the same time.

    From your last trip … did you find it easy to meet other trekkers there? I did the Annapurna circuit and I thought the best idea for a lone trekker was to start walking and meet people as you go, as there were lots of nice people on the trail.

    If I set off on the Markha trek by myself do you think I’ll meet people? Or maybe there aren’t so many trekkers around?

  3. Hey, I’d love to do any trek in the area which takes me to the altitude of 4500-5000m, except Markha Valley. I’m still in the process of research. Jake – you’ll meet many solo trekkers on the way, you can do it by yourself.

  4. Thanks a lot !

  5. Hi Maria,
    I am keen on joining this trek. I can be on the trek from the 7th to the 19th. Let me now. Also have you firmed up the route as yet.

  6. Hi guys, at the moment I’m looking at Rumtse – Tso Moriri trek, it’s really beautiful and takes you to 5200 max. I believe it could be done in 6-7 days.

    • Iam available at this time. And I also want to do it. Can we plan further??