Hello, I am planning to do the Kharnak trek in October. The dates aren’t decided yet. But I don’t plan to do it solo as it will be a 12-day trek. So I am looking for somebody who is also planning trekking in Ladakh and would be okay to join. I have done previously Guerrilla Trek in Nepal (with a friend) and Hampta Pass (solo) and Bali Pass this year. My speed is average on ascents.

We can discuss further if somebody wants to join. I don’t want to go in a group but 2-3 people are good (:



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  1. Hi
    I am plannig to go to ladakh as well, but my plans might be in late February.
    Let me know if u are interested.
    My cell 9902094465

  2. Hey Muhammad. I have other plans for Feb. Plus I would do that in mid-end May only. So if your plan changes and you’re going later then we can definitely plan.

  3. Hey Neha. I’m interested. No flights to India booked yet, but, I can make it work.

    I trekked solo through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Perú last year. Now I’m hooked.

    Kyrgyzstan to follow ^

    whatsapp +61422573713

    • Hey Lindsay,

      Thanks for writing. And sorry I wasn’t really active on the website so couldn’t reply earlier. But I have changed my trek from June to July as June will be pretty hard and some of the passes will be closed.
      So if you’re still up for it then we can talk further.

      I am currently reading Trekking in Ladakh by Radek Kucharski. It’s a very detailed book about trekking. So once I read that we can see which trek we can do also.

      Cheers (:

  4. No worries. July actually works better for me. It will give me time to do some much needed admin back home (I’m currently in Vietnam).

    Great stuff re the book. I bought ”Trekking in Tajikistan – by Bakker & Oriol” the other day. And I’ve plotted nearly every trail in Kyrgyzstan on my Gaiamaps…

    The Ladakh trekking book by Kucharski is only available by print, so, I’ll take your word for what are the best options.

  5. Hi Neha. I’m interested for the same!
    Can you Pls share the details with me on whatsapp = +919354400409 or instagram = lakshay.casper

  6. Hello Neha
    I’m interested it , because I have plan to trekking Ladakh Zanskar area booking fly ticket from ShangHai to Leh 9th September 2019. I’m from China, I plan trekking around 13days, Grade: Moderate to Challanging
    Attraction places: Leh, , Alchi, Lamayuru, , Sirsir-la, Photoksar, Pharphela, Karsha, Padum, Phuktal, Sking, Gonborangjon, Shingola, darcha, Rothangla, manali.
    I have trekking Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal and TMB in Europe. Now I’m a personal so I want find 1-3 Partners: )
    Here is my Email :
    Hope we can in touch . Thank you : )

  7. hi.. Myself Naveen , am planing the Same if you are ok with me , then let me know on my mail. –

  8. Hi, will be in ladakh on 14th Sept. Flying from bangalore. Planning to attempt stok kangri or similar other trek. Let me know if you have found/formed a group and if I could join?

    • Hey, I can’t go in September so probably won’t be able to join.

  9. Hi Neha,
    Are you still looking for a partner for early October? I’m planning to arrive in Ladakh oct 5-6, then let’s trek!
    I did 2 long treks in Nepal and am going there again after this Ladakh trek.
    Whatsapp +15148178388
    Let me know thanks!

  10. Hey, that would be nice. I don’t have a trekking partner right now. Are you okay doing this? I am gonna do it with a guide. So if that’s okay with you then sure we can speak.
    I have all the trekking gear for this trek, cooking, sleeping. So let me know. I will also reach Leh by October 7.

  11. That sounds great. Lets do it! I will read more on this specific trek. Is it 100% camping? Its not what i do usually but i want to. I’m from Canada so cold nights are not a problem 🙂
    I will split the costs for a guide, sounds good.
    I have a good, average+ speed and i can adapt to my partner.
    I think this could be fun!