We are three experienced females between 27-30 yo. We will do the Markha Valley Trek starting on 20.07.18 in Leh. We welcome anyone who would like to join us, any male partners would be much appreciated as in the South Asian region women (plus being a foreigner) alone can have a hard time!

Contact me if you feel like joining us!




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  1. Im planning to do markha valley starting 1st sep. Do let me know if you have any change in plans! Cheers

  2. Hi Anna. Unfortunately I have just seen your request now as I also am keen to hike in this area and usually am by myself. I would be very interested in reading your report once you return as I plan to visit this area next year. I will be in another country when you are hiking. Stay safe.

  3. Hi Anna,

    I’m in Ladakh right now and would also really like to do the Markha Valley Trek – I was planning on doing it solo but it would be great to have a group to hike with! The only challenge is that I can’t really leave later than July 16th, since I’m coming to the end of my trip and starting on the 20th won’t give me enough time to get back down to Delhi for my flight home. Is there any chance you would be able to start a few days early so we can all go together?


    • Hi Dave. Would you be able to provide some feedback re hiking solo in this area. Cheers