Hi Everyone,

I am planning to visit the North of India in September, go te Leh and do some trekking around this area. I haven’t decided what trek to do, thinking in Martha Valley, but not decided yet.

I am looking for partners to do the trekking together. My pace is not in a hurry, I think it is most important the experience than reaching the destination. Last October I tried to the Annapurna Circuit and the experience was great. We were a group of 4-7 people (we started the trekk 4 and finished 7) without a guide.

I am thinking in one-two week trekk but I am flexible.

So, if you will be in Ladakh in September, let me know!



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  1. I am travelling to Srinagar on the 1st of September. I am travelling alone. I have not yet decided on what to do exactly. We can team up if you like

  2. Hi ,
    We right now group are planning to climb kang yatse II between 3 to 12 sep .If you are interested then we can team up and do this climb.

  3. we are group of 3 right now.

    • Hi Murali,I am interested to join with your group, Are you planning to climb through North East side or North West side?

    • Jordi sorry for spamming your post …
      Hi Sebastin ,
      Now we are group of 4 .if you can join us then we can go through operator .he has one of best quotes for kang yatse 2 .
      if we go only 4 then we were planning through marka valley and then try KY2 .

      below is itinerary we got from operator .
      start date is sep3 and end date is 11 sep.
      Day 1: Arrive in Leh by Evening. Brief day’s plan: Check-in to the guest house. Meet for

      evening Snacks. Team introduction and brief about the trek. Dinner.

      Day 2: Leh (3500m), Local sight-seeing and acclimatization walk. Brief day’s plan: Today

      we spend our day visiting Leh and acclimatizig. Leh is at very high altitude and this day is

      very important for us. We visit places like Leh Palace, Chemo Monastry, Shanti Stupa, etc.

      Overnight in hotel.

      Day 3: Leh (3500m) to Shang Sumdo (3700m) to Lartsa (4600m), Drive: 2 hours, Trek: 5.5

      – 6.5 hours. Brief day’s plan: Today we drive from Leh to Shang Sumdo. we trek the

      gorge of Shang Sumdo through the magnificient experience of the Ladhaki terrain. We have

      few river crossings before we reach our campsite. Overnight stay in tents.

      Day 4: Lartsa (4600m) to Nimaling (4730m), via Gongmaru La (5130m), 4-5 hours. Brief

      day’s plan: Today we negotiate the high pass with a steep climb of around 3 hours. We

      spend some time on the top of the pass, not only for its spectacular, jaw dropping views,

      but also to acclimatize better. Once we are satisfied, we head down to the pastures of

      Nimaling. The altitude of Nimaling helps us acclimatize better. Overnight stay in tents.

      Day 5: Nimaling (4730m) to Base Camp (5000m), 3-4 hours. Brief day’s plan: Today is we

      start with a gradual climb to the Base camp of Kang Yatse at 5000m. We give importance to

      a relaxed walk on this day. Once we reach Base Camp, we rest out to save energy for

      tomorrow’s early morning summit push.

      Day 6: Base Camp (5000m) to Summit (6200m) and back to Base Camp, 12-13 hours. Brief

      day’s plan: This is Summit Day and is challenging. It is not only the high altitude we

      challenge, but also the cold. We start post-midnight, around 1am, with head lamps on. It is

      a steep walk on the snow and is very tiring. To overcome the challenge, we need to be

      mentally tough and physically fit. It is more about mental strength than physical one. Once

      you reach the top, you feel the Himalayan High!! If you time it well, the dawn from the

      summit is just worth taking all the pain for! Wide range of peaks of Ladakh, Zanskar and

      East Karakoram are visible from the top with K2, Nun Kun, Stok Kangri, Saser kangri all

      around you. The vast Markha valley lies below you. We offer prayers thanking God for

      letting us successfully climb the summit and for our safe return. After spending some good

      time on the summit, we head back to base camp. Its celebrations today!! Overnight

      in tents.

      Day 7: Reserve Day for Summit attempt

      Day 8: Base Camp (5000m) to Chuskurmo (4400m) via Nimaling and Gongmaru La, 6-7

      hours. Brief day’s plan: We start our return journey to reach Chuskurmo via Nimaling and

      Gongmaru La.

      Day 9: Chuskurmo (4400m) to Shang Shumdo (3700 m) to Leh, Trek: 2-3 hours, Drive: 2

      hours. Brief day’s plan: Today we retrace our steps to finish the trek. We trek from

      Chuskurmo to Shang Sumdo and from there drive back to Leh. We have our last dinner

      together. Overnight stay in a Hotel in Leh.

    • Hi Murali, just sent you a couple of private messages. please do get in contact.

  4. Hi Murali,

    thank you for your offer, but I am coming to Delhi the 4th, and I think the Kang Yatse is to much high for me, I don’t have climbing/alpinism experience, just trekking. Anyway, I would like to meet you in Ladakh if we have the occasion.

    • All 3 of us would be in leh by 3rd or 4th ..first to days would be more of acclimatization.Kang Yatse II is completely no -technical climb
      below is the detail of it
      1. leh chelling skyu drive 85km and trek to sara 5 hr camp ht 3600mtr.
      2. sara to markha 5 hr camp ht 3850mtr.
      3. markha to hangkar 5 hr camp ht 4200mtr.
      4. hangkar to thochungtse 5 hr camp ht 4700mtr.
      6. thochungtse to bass of kang–ya tse 4/5 hr
      7. rest and alcmmataizes .
      8. summit day of kang ya tse ht 6250mtr.10/12 hr.
      9. bass to chuskurmo 6 hr camp ht 4600mtr.
      10. chuskurmo to shang 5 hr and finish trek and drive to leh.
      Only challenging part about this trek is height .
      you can join us until mark valley or base camp of Kang yatse.
      In any case we can meet up in ladhak .

  5. Hi Murali,

    thank you for sharing your planning, I still don’t know if I will go directly from Delhi to Leh, or I will stop first to another places, like Manali o Dharamsala. I will let you know

    Best regards

  6. Hi, I am doing the Kanji la trek. Let me know if you are interested and I will send details. This is for 22 days and I am also planning to start in September.

    • Hi Abhisek,

      is too long for me, thank you anyway 🙂

  7. Hi,

    more or less I have a more clear planning about my trip to the North of India, the dates are approximated:
    5-6: Amritsar
    7-10: Dharamsala
    11-14: Manali (I haven’t decided yet the number of days)
    15-25: Leh

    I am thinking in doing the Markha Valley trek, the number but not sure yet 🙂