Hi all

I’m heading to Ladakh, and should arrive there around 13/14th July – date is slightly flexible. I’d love to meet up with an easy going trekking partner, I was thinking of an 8/9 trek using homestays probably in the Markha valley.

I’ve hiked a fair bit but not in the himalaya so I was thinking of hiring a guide.

p.s. I am on the left in my photo



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  1. Hi Chris, I’m in Manali at the moment and super keen to trek! What are your plans?

    • Hi Steph!

      My aim is to be in Leh by Tuesday night (taking the bus from delhi to manali ) then perhaps do the markha valley 8-9 day trek/homestays?

      Feel free to email me to follow up – im flying today o delhi today

  2. Hi Chris, I am doing the same trek w/o a guide. I’ve been here 2 days already so I would like to leave soon! Let me know which day you are getting here and maybe we can coordinate?