Hello Friends!

I am heading to Ladakh this July for some quality trekking and am looking for a trekking buddy!
I am currently eying the Padum-to Lamayuru Monastery trek (taking approx. 10 days), but I’d happily accept other suggestions!

I’ve got a decent amount of self-guided trekking experience in different parts of the Himalayas and beyond, and am totally open for some high passes.

I am a grad student from Switzerland, in my mid-20s, reasonably fit and generally pretty easy going.
If you’re interested in partnering up, drop me a message and we can have a chat!(:




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  1. Hi Kili

    I will be free to join any trip post mid-July. Please let me know if you have something planned for then

    Happy trekking.

    • Hi Rohan!

      I most certainly do!(:
      I am currently planning on doing Stok Kangri in the beginning of July, so I will be free and looking for more mountains by mid-July (probably around the 15th).

      I am still eying the Lamayuru – Padum trek (taking about 10 days), but as I said, would also be up for hitting other trails.

      Cheers, Kili

  2. Hi!
    I am arriving to New Delhi on 13th of July and plan to reach Leh on 17th (with some acclimatization on the way). I don’t have any camping gear so have to buy/rent – this will take some time. If you will be still around there I would like to join. I plan to spend six weeks there in total.

  3. hi kili, i am arriving to ladakh early august..will you still be there? i am looking for someone to conquer peaks with? I have done stok kangri already and have been researching some other ones…let me know! joey

  4. Hi Kili,

    I’m in Manali at the moment and keen to get my trekking boots on again. Are you still planning on leaving soon?