Kyrgyzstan, Tien Shan

I’m a Swedish national resident in the UK. It’s always been one of my dreams to hike in Kyrgyzstan, due to the uncrowded nature, the beautiful landscapes, and the cultural experience that would entail. Previously I’ve been hiking primarily in the Swedish mountains (lots), a bit in England and Wales, minor tours in Ireland, and throughout the French and Spanish Pyrenees quite extensively, and have been used to camping and hiking long (5d+) routes since I was very little.

I’m quite flexible with respect to what route to take, but would like to be out for anything between 5-10 days. This could however change due to the needs of my potential partner. Unfortunately I don’t speak neither Russian nor Kyrgyz, but have always managed to do well without being able to communicate when travelling previously, so hopefully this won’t be a problem. Having a partner who speaks the language would however be preferred, nonetheless. Personality wise I’m otherwise very open-minded and easy-going, and tend to agree well with most people. I’m equally serious and capable of light-heartedness, and rarely get into arguments over personal differences. I’m not too picky over who to travel with, as long as you’re also in it for the hike, the views, and the general beauty of being outside and going places!

Generally, I’m not too set on all the details of the trip, although Tien Shan is undoubtedly the typical go-to place. At the moment I’m primarily just in need of a partner to go with, preferably during the late summer, but can adapt to whoever is interested; I’m a research student and can therefore tailor my vacation days pretty much as needed.

Would be more than glad to either outline a potential route or research further info if it could help convincing you! Just let me know even if you’re only potentially interested, and we can set up a skype/video call to talk more about it. If you have suggestions on other, alternative places to go in the region I’m more than happy to listen in on that too!

Last thing: Budget-wise I expect most expenses to go towards actually getting to the hiking spot(s). Normally I sleep in a tent, but depending on partner preferences, also that is quite flexible.

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  1. cool!!!

  2. Hello Henrik, I am also planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan, Tien Shan range. I want to go end of August/beginnjng of September. Maybe we can connect. Best regards, Anna