Kuril Islands Kamchatka Russia

I would like to invite you travelling with me in Russia in peaceful, landscape place – Kamchatka. Mysterious area where nature charmed by its beauty, volcanoes captivate and attract you, and clean fresh air, lakes, rivers and Pacific Ocean don’t let you forget this place. Kamchatka is one of the not often visited location with plenty of virgin nature and volcanoes are not only one remarkable sight.
Kamchatka riches by forests, amazing and marvelous nature and fauna. Twice I visited this place and left my heart there full of emotions and impressions.

You will be excited from the first sight by plenty of fishes, caviar, wild animals, volcanoes and hot springs. You can’t tear yourself away from the window waiting landing.

First of all you want to visit is Ocean, listen to surf, feel air and walk on the black sand which is always warm instead of ocean))

Everywhere you see dreaming and at the same time active volcanoes, hosts of Kamchatka. They attract tourists from all of the world. That’s why volcanoes Avachinsky and Mutnovskiy are minimum program to visit. Swimming in hot springs … it’s worth it to cross all Russia by plane.

In 2017 I’m going to organize yacht trip on Kuril Islands, visiting unforgettable and beautiful sights. Kuril Islands are world’s end. Famous volcano Ebeko with few craters and azure lake, volcano Alaid, fire-spitting islands and geysers are located there. Kuril Islands are compared with huge arboretum where you can be in different climate zone simultaneously. Big rookery, bears, foxes, sables, whales, dolphins, crabs, seals, starfish – you can see during amazing trip on primeval Islands. We also visit Russian bay where killer whales come and kalan inhabit. Huge lake with silver water is also situated here.

Fulfilment of my dream needs some like-minded persons who ready to share with me such a pleasant yacht journey on Kuril Islands.

Let’s go together to Kamchatka in summer 2017.

Please white me a personal message if you are interested in this travelling.



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