Kungsleden, Sweden

I’d like to hike the northern section of the Kungsleden Trail in northern Sweden within the first two weeks of July. I’m starting the hike in Abisko. My plan is to fly into Kiruna and then bus to Abisko. At the end of the hike (ending in Nikkaluokta) I will bus back to Kiruna and fly out.

There are huts on the trail but I will be camping as the huts tend to be quite expensive in my opinion. The expenses will include travel costs to and from the trail and food.

It is an absolutely beautiful trek and I’d really like to have a partner (or a few) for this adventure!



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  1. Hi Lea!
    I am thinking about doing that Trek as well at exactly the same dates. I have already read about the trip and know all the details.
    The only thing that is an obstacle is the mosquitoes at that time of year and the midnight sun, which has me thinking about going further south in Europe.
    But anyways, wanna stay in contact about this trip? I really need a trekking partner this summer 🙂

  2. Hey! Yes I’ve read that the bugs can be a problem but I’m willing to tough it out because it’s the only time this year I’ll have that much free time. But definitely keep in touch.. I may be persuaded to do a hike further south during that week instead if something interesting comes up.

  3. Hey, me and two friends are going to do Kungsleden, but one of them got really sick, we wanted to cancel the whole thing but since we dont have insurance for cancelling im very on the fence about not going. Maybe you can join us?

  4. Martijn, when are you thinking of going?

  5. And are you camping or staying in huts?

    • We dont know FOR SURE if we will go, due to the sick mate. But the plan was, fly 9th July, start walking on the 10th or 11th of July (probably 11th of July we will take a nighttrain in the evening of the 9th). We are students and have to do it on a budget so we plan on camping!

  6. Hi Lea,

    I’m also interested in joining!
    I have been wanting to do that trip for quite a while, and I haven’t made much summer plans yet, so that would be a nice holiday 😉
    I’m living in Southern Sweden, so reaching Kiruna shouldn’t be too much of a problem (I’m actually thinking of going there by train, the last part should be beautiful), and I’m very flexible regarding the dates.
    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you, and hopefully to do this trek!


  7. Yo, I’m sorry but my friend keeps getting more ill, we will have to postpone it untill next year im afraid. Since i have a plane ticket i will probably solohike in the middle of Sweden or something, this sucks.

  8. Hey everyone, sorry for not responding. I’ve been trying to sort things out with work but unfortunately I’m no longer able to do this hike 🙁 hopefully some of you who are interested can link up and find a time to go. All the best!