Hi, I‘m Kathi, turning 20 in July. I am from Austria, living in Innsbruck where I grew up in the alps and always loved hiking around there. Beeing outdoors is a really big part of my life, as I try to spend as much time possible in the nature.
This summer, I want to take it to another level hiking at least 15-20 days in one go on the KUNGSLEDEN. Ím not quiet sure wheter I want to do the whole path from Hemavan to Abisko or starting in Kvikkjokk also heading north. (If it´s the shorter version I‘d like to rest a day in Parte to hike the Skierffe and also stop by in Kebnekaise to hike the highest mountain in sweden.)
I plan on going there this summer, preferably in June or August but I’m very flexible all in all. There are huts along the way but I‘d like to take the tent to be more flexible and to take the experience even more in.
I‘d be really happy to find a trekking partner around my age, who‘s eager to explore the beauty of the arctic circle. I‘m always open for happy chats, deep long conversations or just enjoying the silence along the trail.
I‘m sure this experience would turn into a life long memory.



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