KTM to Langtang Valley

Heading to Langtang in a few days (in KTM now) and looking to mostly find folks to share costs of transport to Syrabu so we wouldn’t have to do the 10 hour bus trip. Private cars are pricey, but split two/three/four ways would be fine.

Once on the hike, my pace as a naturalist is often slow, so would be hiking alone mostly, but it’d be nice to have some friends on the same route for meeting up and hanging in the evenings, etc.

If this catches your interet, let me know what you think!

– C



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  1. Hi Cyrus, Im in KTM at the moment and would like to move on to Syabru tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested


  2. Hi Cyrus/Hendrik

    I am also thinking of doing langtang in the next few days so message me if you are interested too.



  3. Hello,

    Have you got anything sorted?My girlfriend and I wanted to head up to Langtang tomorrow. We were taking the bus but would rather share a Jeep!