Hello all,

we are two guys that want to climb the kilimanjaro this year!
The plan is to start in the last week of July which seems to be a good date for the trip.

There are many different routes available so we will choose the most scenic one, the lemosho route.
As we are not a fan of mass tourism and don’t like the expedition style of this tour we booked a local and recommended company to keep it as tiny and modest as possible.

If you are in a good shape there should be no problem to reach the top.
We are 23 and 24 but are really easy going and experienced hikers so just feel free to join us if you are also planning it 🙂
You can join up to a few weeks before we start the hike.

Cheers Daniel



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  1. You are going Guide only, no porters, cooks, assistants for $1900?