Khopra Mohare Trekking

Khopra Mohare Circuit Trekking is a newly designed Community Based Trekking in the heart of Annapurna region. This region rich in diverse culture and unique traditions and lifestyles is also one of the best providers of mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views over the high Himalayas, including Dhaulagiri and Annapurna massifs.

The journey to Khopra Mohare Circuit Trekking starts with a scenic drive or flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Khopra Mohare Circuit Trekking route passes through many Magar and Gurung villages, including Nepal’s first Internet village, Nangi, where the internet was introduced for the first time in rural Nepal by Mahabir Pun. The trek then takes to Mohare Danda Trekking Route and later Khopra Danda Trekking Route, which a person with the good physical condition can easily ascend to. The vantage points of Mohare Danda and Khopra Danda provide breathtaking sunrise and sunset views along with panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massifs as well as the tips of Machhapuchhre (6997 m). The trek becomes a bit challenging when you ascend to the Sacred Khayer Lake, which is visited by Hindu pilgrims during Janai Purnima festival every August. On the way back, the trek goes through the Gurung villages of Ghandruk and Landruk to later descend to another vantage point, Australian Camp, which hosts an amazing panorama of Annapurna South (7219 m), Machhapuchhre (6997 m), and Hiunchuli (6441 m). The lush rhododendron forests and many small streams that are crossed during the trek fill the trekkers with a sense of calmness that only the foothills in Annapurna can offer.

We offer a number of other trip packages to make our clients travel in Nepal fun and fulfilling.


1. 14 nights and 15 days trekking with all meals during the trek
2. 4 night hotels in Kathmandu with a free breakfast with a room to share in two people.
3. 3 night hotels in Pokhara with a breakfast included with a room to share in two people.
4. A full day visit to Kathmandu with a private car.
5. A full day visit to Pokhara with a private car.
6. Tickets for the entry of the moment according to the program.
7. A porter between the two trekkers,
8. A guide and a guide assistant from 8 people in the group.
9. Means of transport – private car / microbus / avoin according to the requested program.
10. Airport service as per the itinerary mentioned.

Detail Itinerary:

Day01: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel,

Day02: Driving to domestic airport, flights to Pokhara, transfer to hotel,

After breakfast at the hotel, drive to Kathmandu Domestic Airport and fly for a 22 minute flight to Pokhara. During the flight, we will see chains of montages – chains of the annapurnas, Dhawalagiri etc. Finally, we stay in a hotel in Pokhara with breakfast, lunch and dinner included by sharing a room in two as a standard tourist. So first day of the trek will be quieter around the Fewa Lake.

Day03: Drive to Hemja and start walking towards Australian camp,

Tranquilly breakfast at the hotel, we will move by a private vehicle to Hemja and start walking through a village – Astamkot village, Dhampus and finally, arrive at australian. Night in a local lodge with all meals- B / D / L
From australian camps, we will see large montagenes-south of the Annapurna, hiuchuli, Machhapuchhre, Mardi Himal, etc. And, it’s a beautiful place for a sunrise and sunset.

Day04: Walk to Landruk (196m) crossing the cold Pitam Deurali,

Day05: Walk to Ghandruk (1940m) and have lunch.
during the meal they prepare, a visit to the village of Ghandruk and continue walking towards a lodge in the forests.
From our lodge in Landruk, let’s go down on a small river that runs from Annapurna’s base camp and is called Modi River on which we will cross a small bridge. From this bridge, the road climbs a little steep until the end of the day. Today, we will do a midday pose in Ghandruk village which is one of the largest village of Gurung in Nepal and they are very well known in the Gurkhas military – warriors of Nepal. We will visit a small local museum in the new village and other local museum in the old village of Ghandruk during the preparation of our meal. After lunch, we will continue walking further to the final lodge in the forests.

Day06: Walk to Tadapani, 2630m.
Departure after breakfast that the path climbs progressively until Tadapani crossing the forests of rhododendrons- really large forests of the region. He will have a chance to see sometimes such hands, it is an uncertainty. Forests of bamboos, firs, and some of the moment, there would be Lophophorus also as a national bird of the country.

Day07: Walk to Dobato, 3574m.
When we leave the lodge, take a rig
ht road for a minute and all of a sudden, we will arrive in a place that we will see a path down to rhododendron forests and it goes to the base camp of Annapurna. But, certainly, we will take a path to the left. Half an hour later, the road will go a little steep crossing two trios lodges in Mesar and two lodges in Isaru. Near Isaru, he seems to be crossing a big pass, but not really. Fourth, it’s a pass of 3300m and finally, we’ll get to Dobato Lodge.

Day08: Walk to Khopra Danda, 3660m,

Early morning, an excursion to the Muldai Viewpoint, 40-45 minute drive from where we will see many mountains- south of the Annapurna, Hiuchuli, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri etc and come down to for a breakfast. We will stay almost all the time in rhodo forests but, are not as big as before towards Tadapani. A personal tea pose in Bayeli (3450m) Kharka (3660m) and we will take the road by the right to reach Khopra Danda, (Crete), beautiful view of the chains of the Annapurnas and Dhaulagiri in addition to Nilgiri Himal.

Day09: Day of the excursion towards the lake secret of Khayar (4550m). The people of the territory go to pray during the full moon in Aut as at Goshainkunda Lake. That day is really hard and long. In this case, we will be able to turn around without getting to the edge of Khayar Lake, about 8-9 hours in total. We will have to take a picnic with plenty of water that will be enough during the day. The path is easy! A great adventure for those who would go there – about 1000m of lag?

Day10: Walk to Swanta Village (2270m).
Today’s path leads us to the village of Swanta steeply descending. We will go through Chistibang and cross a small wooden pond. Forests of Chains, Bamboos and will arrive at the village Swanta. It is a village of Magar that is one of the country’s ethnic groups having their dialect, costumes and culture. The Mangars engaged quite a lot in the military Gurkha and Nepalese Soldiers.

Day 11: Walk to Tikot, 2250m, 7/8 hours walk.
We will go directly to the village of Tilot which is also a village of Magars too which is very very beautiful village in the course. Crossing abandoned villages, we will put about 7 to 8 hours with a picnic for the road as there is no place for the pose of noon. So we will be getting enough water that is enough until the end of the day’s ride.

Day 12: Walk to Fulbari / Danda Kharka, 2800m, 7/8 hours walk.
Today, we will leave one of the most beautiful villages. Like yesterday, we will have a picnic for the day as we will not have a place where we could do a lunch. Direct to Fulbari or Danda Kharka.

Day 13: Excursion to Mohare Danda Viewpoint, 3320m.
We will get our final goal of trekking- Mahare Danda’s point of view (3320m) from where we will see a lot of montages- Annapurna Chains, Dhaulagiri 8167m, Nilgiri, Southern Annapurna etc. etc. then we will go see them before breakfast. And in the same day, will continue walking to Nagi.

Day 14: Walk to Nagi (2320m),
So, from Khopra Danda, the road is not too rough that it does not really go up! It’s awesome!!!! On the other hand, the accommodation is basic enough but adaptable!

Day 15: Walk to Bas Kharka, 1526m.
This is the second last day of trekking. We will pass by the village of Danda kateri and probably, will do a pose of Midi.
This day, it is really important that we say to our porters, assistant therefore, we will all sit together and supper together !!! Meal to the god of trekking ….

Day 16: Walk to Galeswor and drive to Pokhara by jeep / Microbus.
After the small morning meal, we will go down very slowly until we find the car to move us to the city of Pokhara in a hotel by sharing a room between two people plus all meals: B / D / L included.
Day 17: Day in Pokhara.

We will do some activities for a day in Pokhara.

Day 18: Flights: Pokhara to Kathmandu, transfer to hotel with breakfast. (for today, we will be able to decide what to do for example at what time will we take our flights etc.)

Day19: Visit to Kathmandu: Swayambhunath-Pashupatinath-Boudhanath, night at the hotel,
Here, three places are marked to visit. Of the 3, Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple – Temple of the Apes) and Boudhanath are the place of Buddhist pilgrimages and Pashupatinath is a place for a cremation of the Hindus. And so, all three places have been protected for UNESCO heritage since 1979.

Day 20: A personal day and to be, meal to GOD in a restaurant in the Thamel, overnight at the hotel,

Day 21: Final departure from Kathmandu.

The price is included:

1. 14 nights and 15 days of trekking with all meals during the trek: B / D / L
2. 4 night hotels in Kathmandu with a free breakfast with a room to share in two people.
3. Kathmandu and Pokhara meals except the personal day in Kathmandu: B / D / L
4. Hot drinks: Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate (It must be the same for everyone, but, you can change each time- BUT: only the same for everyone)
5. Trek Permit: Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP)
6. Maps of TIMS (Trekking Information Management System)
7. 3 night hotels in Pokhara with a breakfast included with a room to share in two people.
8. A full day tour to Kathmandu with a private car.
9. A tour guides a full day to Pokhara with a private car.
10. Tickets for the entry of the moment according to the planned program.
11. A porter between the two trekkers,
12. Guide and assistant guide from 8 people in the group.
13. Flights: KTM-POK-KTM for customers and guide
14. Bus for porters and assistant according to the program.
15. Salary of porters and assistant guide
16. Local insurance for all Newcastle teams.
17. Meals, hegemony for the Nepalese team.
18. Airport service as per itinerary mentioned: in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
19. Driving from Pokhara to where the trek will start – Hemja
20. Conduct by booked jeep / microbus from Galeswor or we will trek the trek to Pokhara.
21. Government fee and documentation service.
The requested price is not included:
1. Visa for Nepal with your travel insurance and international air tickets.
2. Personal medicine kit
3. Drinks: Fanta, Alcol, Mineral Water / Tea / Juice / Fruit / Gatals / Chocolate Bars etc.
4. Charge phone, batteries, wifi etc.
5. A tip for trekking teams.
6. And, things are not included that are not marked above.



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