Khentii, Mongolia

I’m looking for 1-2 persons for a guided horse trekking in the Khentii mountains in Mongolia. This region is quite near to the capitol but it has the lowest population in Mongolia and is surely one of the wildest and most unspoiled regions. It will be organized by Monrise Traveller and costs about 2200.- (2 more persons) to 2600.- $ (only 1 more person).

The price includes all dues and taxes there, pick-up at the airport in Ulan Bator, organizing an accommodation there (but not paying it), of course horses to ride (and anything they need), packhorses, tents, water and european outdoor food, a Mongolian guide and a Mongolian interpreter (who probably only speaks Mongolian and German but I speak German).

The price excludes the accommodation in Ulan Bator like I said, the flight and personal equipment (sleeping bag and stuff like that) and of course everyone’s help is needed when mounting the camps to stay the night or cooking food.

The trip itself will be during 17 days 3 rest days for the horses included and we will be traveling about 300 kilometers. We start at capitol Ulan Bator from there we’re going heading northern into the Khentii mountain range then turning east and finally returning to UB. We will travel without any vehicle support.

Please let me know if you are interessted




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