Hoping to find one or two more interested trekkers to join me and a guide.



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  1. hey nellie, just finished tsum and manaslu. the weather was perfect. i loved every day. im still going to kanchenjunga and have a great guide at $25/day. we used him in manaslu. two other groups had subpar guides and if not for our guy we wouldn’t have made the pass. he’s been guiding for 24 years with lots of experience all throughout nepal, including Kanchenjunga. he thinks i should start last of march or first part of april. ive been talking to one other guy but i seem to have lost his contact so i will continue to search for him. i hurt my knee a bit so im resting for a week then off to ganesh himal or LGH. are your dates set? let me know. ill be around internet for a week. cheers j.c.

  2. Hey JC, after much research, I don’t think I’ll be able to go because of the fact that flights in and out are only offered once a week in Thursday so I won’t be able to come back early enough for my flight home. Looking at doing Manaslu and tsum valley instead but you already did it. However, I’d be interested to find out about your company since it’s important for me to be able to get over the pass. Also, how much did you end up paying? Thanks and good luck with the rest of your stay, nellie

  3. Hi Nellie, are you still planning to trek around Manaslu and Tsum? I’m heading there around March 8 and am looking for someone to share a trekking permit with.

  4. Hi Doug, well, our timing is quite good. I’m actually starting March 5th. My dates can’t be changed now. It’s 20 days, and I’m hiring a guide. Would love to get someone else on board, maybe it will lower the cost. Would you be interested? What’s your email address?

  5. Hi Nellie,
    Are you doing kenchajunga or manaslu on march 5? I may be interested in splitting guide!

  6. Hi Rose,
    I’m doing Manaslu. If you want to join you’d need to decide right away as getting the remote area permit takes quite a long time. Are you in Nepal?