Kathmandu Valley

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Note – this is not the Kathmandu Valley trek – unfortunately there was no option for the Kalinchwok.

Im looking into a short trek just outside of Kathmandu in the Dolkha District. I have read into this area and is seems like a good substitute trek for time constraints. However, I have been finding it really difficult to find information about each overnight stop and if there is anywhere to stay. The trip is Kathmandu- Chariot (Day1)- Kuri(Kalinchowk) (Day2) – Dolangsa (Day3) – Karthali (Day4)- Barahbise (Day5) – Kathmandu.

Does anyone have any insights into this? Currently we are a party of 2.

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  1. hey harry you can to kalinchok trek easy per person $200 from kathmandu to kathmandu 5 days one guide
    please feel free to contact