Kathmandu Valley

Hoping to go on a 10-15 day trek in December — interested in Langtang or Manaslu. But flexible on dates and treks. Looking for easy-going travel partners.



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  1. Hello Amy,

    Not much of trekker myself but some friends came back from the region march time and said its still pretty devastated by the earthquake, just maybe a heads up.

    Happy trekking

    • Thanks for the heads up (and sorry for the late reply!)

  2. Hi Amy,
    Me (Dave Gregovich) and my friend (Kevin White) will finish a trek of the Manaslu Circuit around Dec 7. At that time or shortly thereafter, I will try to inform you about any details or events of use to you.

    • That would be great – thank you!

  3. Hi Amy,

    I will be around at the same time looking to do a similar length trek, are you still looking for travel partners?



    • Hey Pete! Sorry for the late reply — I actually still am. I’m flying out tomorrow. Are you there yet?

    • thats ok! iam starting a AC trek on the 13th if youre interested, flying in on the 11th

    • Hi Pete,

      I am actually arriving on 12th in KTM and am considering going to start of AC trek on 13th as well. Please PM me if your are still looking for a partner. I have already been twice in Nepal and also have experience from other high mountains.



    • Hmm I need to be back by the 20th, so probably wouldn’t work. Happy trekking!

  4. Hi Amy,

    I am considering doing Manaslu trek in early December. I am looking for a travel partner as well but I am little bit concerned about your stated departure date (12/11) because I have heard that the lodge just before the Larkya pass regularly closes in mid December. (I am just checking this information with my local Nepalese contact.) Is your departure date fixed or flexible?



    • I don’t think I have enough days to Manaslu, so I’ll probably stick to Langtang. Happy trekking! 🙂

  5. Hey Amy,

    I’m also look at two weeks in December for the Langtang region…have seen a Langtang – Gosaikunda Trek over 15 days departing on Fridays which may be of interest – its 800USD though.

    • So I only have 10ish days, instead of two weeks now. But I’ll look into it! I’ll probably book with a porter, and not through an agency. Have you decided on trek yet?

  6. Hi Amy and others,

    I’m also considering doing Langtang trek (7-10 days) between 10 – 20 December. Are you still looking for a partner?


  7. Hello Amy et al,

    First some hopefully useful information. I trekked the Manaslu Circuit last year in mid-December, and it was fantastic. Not sure what the snow will be like this year, but it was not an issue for us in 2015, neither was earthquake damage. We hired a guide, and were happy to have him to arrange lodging in some of the higher villages, especially Samdo. He also added a great deal to our experience, as he knew the locals well and facilitated our interaction with them.

    It was an incredible trek, I highly recommend it.

  8. Alright, now some more selfish thread usage. I’ll be in Nepal from Dec. 10-19th, looking to do some fast trekking. I think 15-20 miles a day would open up some good possibilities for that timeframe. I’m considering Langtang since it’s accessible from Kathmandu, but am also looking at the Everest region and am very open to options.

    If any of that sounds interesting, let me know!

    • Hey JT! Hmm I have similar dates for trekking .. but now sure if I’m in good enough shape to be a fast trekker 🙂 .

  9. Hey Amy
    I just finished the dhaulagiri trek today and really want to do the manaslu but am traveling alone and it requires a minimum of two in the party. I’m in marpha now. Let me know what you’re thinking. Otherwise I may go do the three passes as no guide is required.

    • Key Parket,

      i arrive in KTM tomorrow and I’m planning to do the Manaslu (or annapurna circuit), so if you want I’m in.
      Is guide necessary ? I’m alone too

  10. Hey Celine I’m in for the manaslu circuit. From what I’ve read a guide is necessary as is a manaslu conservation permit and I think a TIMS card? I’m not totally sure so I’ll do some research today.

    • I’m in anytime, let me know, I’m also looking for partners.

    • I arrive in Kathmandu on the 8th (could leave for trek on 9th) and need to return by the 20th. Is that enough time for the Manaslu Circuit?

    • Manaslu is between 14-20 days.

  11. Permits & Regulations
    $70 first week + $10/d thereafter
    Min. 2 people + registered guide
    MCAP & ACAP permits Rs. 2000 each
    4 x PP photos
    No TIMS card

    Do you have an idea of where you’d like to start?

  12. Hi Amy, Celine and Parker!
    I’m in Pokhara looking for partners to do Manaslu circuit. I know a great guide. When can you start the trek? I’m ready anytime!

  13. Hey guys and gals I’m in pokhara now. I leave nepal on the 27th so that gives me about 16 days with a couple on each end to relax. I looked at a detailed topo and it seems that the manaslu is a relatively low trek? Although very beautiful forests and towns I have a greater desire to see the peaks and glaciers. Debating the three passes trek as it may be much less crowded than usual and since it doesn’t require a guide I can move at my own pace and explore off trail. Still open to manaslu though. Anyone ever done three passes? Happy trekking.

    • Hi Parker! I have done the 3 passes with EBC. Nice trek but more expensive (flight, sleeping, shower and food) since it’s Everest area. Nice views at Gokyo lake. Since we are both in Pokhara, we could meet and see about Manaslu. Write me in private where and what time!