Kathmandu – Trekking!

I have to change my destination to Kathmandu due to flight scheduling… So anyways, I am making my way to Kathmandu from Darjeeling today. I am hoping to be there by March 11th and wish to start trekking the preceding day. I will be doing research in the mean time to find a 10-ish day trek. I must be in Delhi late on the 23rd so I will probably catch a flight from Kathmandu but have no solid plans besides that. I am a single female traveling alone and wouldn’t mind hiking by myself but it’s probably a dumb idea due to the elevation gains and cultural differences. I am a relatively experienced backpacker… I say relatively since I have never done elevations above 14,000 (4,267m). I lived and worked at 12,000ft (3,870) building trails this summer and recently obtained a wilderness first responder certification. I love meeting new people and hope that someone out there is willing to drop what they are doing to hangout with me on this last minute adventure.



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  1. I am a 21 yo student from India. I will be in Pokhara on 14th March, and plan to trek the ABC from 15th to 22nd March. Let me know if we can go together. I also need to be back to Delhi/Kanpur by either 23rd or 24th.