Kathmandu to Soti Kohla

I am starting a Manaslu Circuit Trek on April 29th from Kathmandu. I have a guide and everything organized, but I am looking for people to share a private jeep to Soti Kohla where I start an actual trek. And maybe on my way back at May 13th (Soti Kohla to Kathmandu). Anyone?

So far I am going for a trek alone, so if someone wants to share a trek as well, you are welcome. Have not been in Nepal yet, so no experience in this region. Last year climbed Kilimanjaro. Steady pace, not very slow, but not speedy either.

But, most important is sharing a jeep.



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  1. Monica, hello!
    i am also thinking about doing Manaslu around april 28 – may 9, something of the sort.
    Are you going to pass Larke pass? Why going back from Soti Khola?)
    I was there last October, amazing trek. Want to do it again, but was thinking of sharing the guide and permit costs.
    How much the agency is charging you and how much for the jeep? Feel free to send private message.

    • Hi, I’m trying to start Manaslu soon and would like to find someone to share a guide with! Are you still looking?

  2. Hi Monika,

    I’m landing in Kathmandu on Friday and my flight back is on May 15 and I’d like to do the Manaslu trek as well. Is your offer still available?
    Let me know! Thanks

    • Hi Natalia, write to himalayasonfoot@gmail.com and tell them that you want to join me on Sunday 29th (we are finishing on 14th). I am sure you can still join and you can discuss with them the details, so we could share the guide and other expenses