Kathmandu to Pokhara/Annapurna Base Camp

Hello fellow trekkers,

I am visiting Nepal for the first time, a life-long dream finally come true! I’m pretty new to the trekking community, though I am well-versed and conditioned to hiking and multi-day excursions in elevation and wilderness (I’ve been a wilderness trail worker for eight years).

I’m landing in Kathmandu on the 3rd of January and will spend 3-4 days getting last minute gear, looking around, eating food, and meeting folks.

From Kathmandu, on January 6th or so, I want to hike to Pokhara through the foothills. It’d be great to volunteer somewhere during this time, too, but I have no leads there. Depending on how long it will take to get to Pokhara will determine if volunteering is even a possibility. Hope to arrive around the 14th.

I wan to depart Pokhara for Annapurna Base Camp no later than January 16th.

The Annapurna Base Camp trek will start possibly two days after I arrive in Pokhara, looking at the 16th. I aim to make it back to Pokhara by January 30, give or take one day.

I am flexible with most of these dates after I land except for the end date, January 30th. Also, feel free to join for any part of this trip! Come and go as you wish, but it’d be great to have a partner for the duration of the Annapurna portion of this plan.

Hope everyone has a lovely New Years celebration and see you in 2017!

Happy Trails,



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  1. Hey Julian !! I just arrived in Katmandu and heard about this community ! I want to do the abc as soon as possible and i am looking for someone as well. You should add me on Facebook “Alexis Ptly” so we can call each other and talk.
    Hope we can catch-up !!

  2. Hi Julian and Alexis,

    I’ve just arrived in Kathmandu (today) and will be looking to do some unguided treks over the next couple of months. I’m actually predominantly hear for kayaking but I think I’ve struggle to find kayak partners until late February/early March so I’m keen to get in some treks before then.

    I’m a 28 year old British guy with quite a lot of experience trekking and mountaineering. I’m currently in Kathmandu so if either of you are still around it would be good to meet for a drink and chat to make plans. I’m flexible as to trekking routes and dates.