Kathmandu and everest area

I have been to Nepal 4 times, lastly in Spring 2022. I am a 59 year old man from Texas who is well traveled but SIMPLY LOVES NEPAL. It is my fav place on earth. I am planning to fly into K-Du on Oct 15th and stay in Nepal until Nov 21. I actually love chilling in K-Du, like hanging out at beautiful hotel gardens by day sipping gin/tonics and late afternoon going to Sam’s Bar and other dives and lots of live music nights. I love loads of temples too. I will definitely bungy jump at LAST RESORT — it is awesome. At some point in the 5 weeks I am in Nepal, I will do a 9-11 day “baby trek” to Everest and go to Namche and opposite way that everyone else goes, not to BC but head up the Thamicho Valley to Thame. It is GORGEOUS there. I am looking for other drinkers who enjoy what I call “drekking”, which is slow relaxed trekking with whisky and smoke breaks. Girls, Guys, or whatever you IS, feel free to contact me. I am laid back, chatty, up for new things, love adventure and well…I am just looking for company because all my friends are chained and shackled to their jobs!



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