Kanji to Sarchu Trek

Below is the trip plan but may be extended. Dates are undecided but I planning towards end of August or first week of September. I am looking for partners and one has the option of leaving the trek on day 22 and returning back to Leh. Also one will need proper acclimatization since we will be crossing a 5000m high pass early on in the trek. Dates are flexible as can start around mid September.

01. Drive to Kanji village 3850 m Tent
02. Trek to Kanjila North base(4200m) 5 hrs
03. Trek to Kanjila South Base via Kanjila(5250m) 6-7 hrs
04. Trek Pigdongla east Base(3940m) via Pigdongla (5020m) 6hrs
05. Trek Kesila West Base. 6 hrs Tent
06. Trek to Lingshed via Kesila(5100m) 6hrs Tent
07. Trek to Yulchung via Morgonla (4600m) and Kupala(4700m) 5-6
08 Trek to Nyerak village chochokurula (3810m). Tent
09. Trek to South base camp of Tangtila via Taksatila Pass(4610m)`7hrs
10. Trek to Pharkunsa. 6 hrs Tent
11. Trek to Honya via Namtsela Pass (4500m)6-7 hrs Tent
12. Trek to Zangla. 5 hrs Tent
13. Trek to Zangla Sumdho Tent
14. Trek to Base Camp of Nyerila(Kulutse)4300m.5-6 hrs Tent
15. Trek to Shade Pullu via Nyerila pass(5150m)6hrs Tent
16. Trek to Metsik via Larla pass(4800m) 5-6 hrs Tent
17. Trek to Shade via Gortenla pass(500m) 4-5 hrs Tent
18. Trek to Nyalakongtse base camp. 5 hrs Tent
19. Trek to Hormoche via Nyalokongtse pass(4850m) and Gotungtala pass(5100m) 6-7 hrs
20. Trek to Satak crossing Tichip Chu 7-8 hrs Tent
21. Trek to Tsokmesik. 5-6 hrs Tent
22. Trek to Whiskey bridge and drive to Leh.



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  1. Abhishek, how much is it from Leh to Leh?

  2. Hi Abhishek,
    Can you please send me the details about this trip.