I’m aiming to do a guided trek to the north and south base camps of Kanchenjunga in Eastern Nepal. October/November is peak season in Nepal and I’m looking to get away from the hordes of backpackers and explore an area that sees little tourism. Although I love meeting other travelers too (which will still happen, just in lesser numbers), I really want to mingle with locals and get a sense of local culture and a way of life that hasn’t been completely shaped by tourism. If you’re looking to do a challenging trek to a remote corner of Nepal, then get in touch!!

The trip takes close to 4 weeks from what I gather and requires a permit. From what I’ve read, most trekking companies will give you a permit if you use their guide/porters. I would like to support the local economy as much as possible so am more than fine with hiring a guide/porter (and also to be able to have a way to communicate with locals, etc!) and would like to stay and eat in tea houses as much as possible…although it would be great to camp at the base camps if possible!

I’d like to leave for this trek around Oct 17th or 18th, and would like to be back around Nov 16-18th. My dates are fairly fixed as my flight to KTM is booked and I arrive late Oct 15th. As I only have 4 1/2 weeks in Nepal, I’d have to leave for the trek soon after I arrive, as above.



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  1. aloha..
    looks groovy,this is the trek style and trek i want to do….
    my time is flexable and im ready to hear more about the trek your planning…
    im teddy from hawaii,50 y/o have done langtang,everest and annapurna treks
    please keep in touch,im interested..

  2. Hi, I also arrive in KTM Oct 15th and would like to trek in that area. Already did three passes and Annapurna circuit with Chulu West attempt, so also searching for something new and less touristic. Do you have any details about the trek? Have you found a guide or a company to go with?

  3. Hi, any updates? Is there a place for one more? I would actually prefer doing it without a guide – I heard it is not really necessary and I have a detailed description of the route – but I would love to hear from you anyway (you can see my post under “similar partners” :-))