kanchenjunga trek

kanchenjunga trek

I’m thinking of doing the kanchenjunga trek South to North in March/April 2019 (dates flexible).

I did Manaslu few years back and loved the sense of being off the beaten path. Although even that one was getting quite busy with trekkers.

Are you already thinking of doing EBC/Annapurna but still on the fence?
Is it your first time in Nepal?
Like to escape the crowds?

Then maybe think of switching to this one! It’s a minimum of 2 people plus a guide as it’s a restricted area trek for the most part.

After doing Manaslu/tsum Valley in 2012, I couldn’t imagine doing one of the more popular treks like EBC/Annapurna. Trekking along side 1000’s of others doesn’t really float my boat. It’s why I’d like to try the Kanchenjunga Trek!

I’d like to follow the exact track notes as laid out in the link http://kanchenjungatrek.org/

South to North.

Or if you’re planning on doing a different off the beaten path trek I’d be willing to save this one for another time and join your group!

Let me know



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  1. Hi Chris,

    Would potentially be interested in joining forces over March only. Have done some of the ‘touristy’ treks already so not a newbie to Nepal. Have your plans progressed any further, are you thinking of taking the ‘colourful’ bus journey or flying to the closest point to the trail head?. Do you already have a guide in mind?. I would definitely want a porter and trek at our own paces, not interested in getting from point A to B as fast as possible. Any extra days to the standard trek for side excursions, sickness etc?.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’m interested but our departure dates are off. I’m looking for a mid May departure. I’ve trekked in the Himalayas quite a few times. I trekked to Kanchenjunga basecamp in 2009 starting from India (Sikkim). So, trekking from the Nepali side would be a new trek for me. Leaving the crowds behind is a must when I choose my trekking routes! My niece would likely be joining me on this trek. She’s done the Nar Phu trek and the Three Summits trek. Let me know if you are interested in changing your dates and we can talk further. Many thanks!

  3. Hi Chris,
    I’ll be in Nepal for the most part of March until the first week of april.
    I’ve been reading about the trek and it looks absolutely wonderful. I love the idea of being far from the crowds. Are you still thinking about doing it?

    • Namaste Simon,
      I am still looking for partners for Kanchenjunga. Looking to depart mid-March, dates are flexible. I replied to Chris around ten days ago but have heard nothing. I have already done Langtang, Annapurna, Everest and Dolpo. Please let me know if you want to move forward with this.

  4. Namaste, I definitely want to do Kanchenjunga and March 15 sounds just right. I have been to Nepal three times and have already done Langtang, Annapurna, Everest and Dolpo. I am interested in not having to rush — maybe have a couple of extra layover days. But I can be flexible.