kanchenjunga trek

I’m thinking of doing the kanchenjunga trek South to North in late March/early April.

I did Manaslu 2 years back and loved the sense of being off the beaten path. Although even that one was getting quite busy with trekkers.

Doesn’t look like anyone is doing this trek on this website but Just thought I’d throw out the idea incase it would interest someone.

Are you already thinking of doing EBC/Annapurna but still on the fence?
Is it your first time in Nepal?
Like to escape the crowds?

Then maybe think of switching to this one! I’m flexible on dates. It’s a minimum of 2 people plus a guide as it’s a restricted area trek for the most part.

I have a great agency hook up in Kathmandu from my last trek.

After doing Manaslu/tsum Valley in 2012, I couldn’t imagine doing one of the more popular treks like EBC/Annapurna. Trekking along side 1000’s of others doesn’t really float my boat. It’s why I’d like to try the Kanchenjunga Trek!

I’d like to follow the exact track notes as laid out in the link http://kanchenjungatrek.org/

South to North.

Or if you’re planning on doing a different off the beaten path trek I’d be willing to save this one for another time and join your group.



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  1. Hello Chris, I just talked to Mr. Om at Hard Rock treks in Kathmandu, and he said he had a person interested in doing the Kanchenjunga trek starting April 1st.. Are you that person? If not, would you be interested in joining? Total trip cost is 3000USD, divided by however many participants we get.. What do you think? Alternatively, I could join you… but is it possible just with a guide? I think you are going to need porters, too, for the provisions, no?

  2. Hey, I would like to do the Kanchenjunga trek. A few years ago I was there but from the indian side. I would love to go hiking there, but I’m not quite sure if I can handle this trek. From what I read it’s a hard trip and I have so far not much experience with long hiking treks in Nepal. I will be arriving in Kathmandu on the 26th of March and have time till end of April. Are you still looking for somebody who is joining you?

  3. Hi mate, if things don’t eventuate with this trek a couple of us are doing Makalu base camp + exploring further… leaving around the 4th of April

    • Are you leaving on the 4th from Kathmandu?

    • Hi, I’m coming out to Katmandu on, arriving on the 2nd and really keen to do some trekking like you guys. Not that interested in EBC or Annapurna for this trip, I’m looking for something a little more remote, Makalu sounds great. Keen to camp or stay in tea houses. I am fit and love walking and camping. Haven’t got much experience trekking for long periods but am enthusiastic. Are you guys still going in early April? I would be really keen to join.

    • Hi sorry for the late reply

      Here is the trekkingpartners group

      We will be leaving early April, around the 4th or 5th I imagine. Anyways drop a message there and we can organise meeting up in KTM for a chat

  4. Hi,
    I am in Kathmandu and really want to hike a Kanchenjunga Trek. I have trekked Annapurna Base Camp and Jiri to Namche and three passes trek in 2013.
    I need to be back in Kathmandu for a flight out on April 27 (my visa expires then as well).