Kanchenjunga or Dhalaguri

i’m headed back to nepal from arunachal and sikkim. looking to hike kanchenjunga and also hit the dhalaguri circuit. i have two months left so i’d need to start one of them soon. looks like paul from the netherlands is going in mid april, so i would need to start the dhal. circuit in a week or something like that. the dhal. circuit would be cheap as it consists of homestays and camping and no guide. you could also carry on and do the ABC trek with same annapurna cons. ticket. i’m not sure of paul’s guide but i know a great one so if i don’t go with him i’d use my friend, Siri. he would charge $25/day. and then the permits aren’t as bad as manaslu was. anyway if you have any desire to be in one or both of these places let me know, and soon. until then, j.c.

United States


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