Kanchenjunga from the third or fourth week of May


I’m looking for one or two people to join me on the Kanchenjunga base camp trek from the third or fourth week of May. I would like to take longer than 3 weeks to do the trek, having a rest day here and there.

If I can’t find someone to join I would consider doing one of the other treks with someone looking for a partner.




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  1. Hi I am looking at similar dates although I have not officially booked any flights from the UK, But I am in contact with an agent highly reccomended in Kathmandu who for a small fee organises passes, lukla flght b4 arrival. I have not hired a porter/guide yet through him but will discuss my options with him when I arrive. He has got me great hotel deals and for the price will do airport pick up n2@vianet.com.np. Just google that email it will come up with his links. I am happy to have a trekking partner for a few days to see how things go and to share my guide/porter (I may be too slo w) and if things work out you chip in at the end, but as i say my dates are not concrete (pulled my back at the moment). Any way I am 46yrs married male having a mid life crisis