Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek


my girlfiend and me are going to do the Kanchenjunga circuit (without any of the two base camps) from 9th March till 25th March (Kathmandu – Kathmandu). We are easy treckers who don’t want to rush things, but also don’t take it too easy and relaxed… something in the middle. We will do this as a Teahouse trek, so no need for porters, tents, stove etc. I am from Germany, my girlfriend is from Spain and we live in the Netherlands so one could say we liek it international and to meet new, interesting easy minded People.

We already have a guide for the trek (via a local Trecking company) and are looking for Partners to share the Permit and guide costs (45$ per day).

If anyone is interested just drop me a mail: Maltedabbert@gmail.com

Cheers, Malte



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