Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

This year I will visit Nepal for fourth time and spend there whole November.
I’m looking for partners who would like to visit both basecamps of Kanchenjunga,
I’d like to trek as independently as possible, but realize that hiring the guide for this area is necessary .
Based on reviews of travellers who done this treking in 2015 I estimate the cost for 2 trekkers and 1 guide as
1100 – 1200 USD.

Jarek (42)



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  1. Hi Jarek,
    I’m also looking at doing the Kanchenjunga trek in November. My plans are to fly into KTM on the 3rd November and I was only planning to do the North Base camp due to time restraints but I could possibly stretch that. Is your estimation of $1100-1200 based on using tea houses for food and accommodation or camping and stoves etc?

    • Hi Cyril,

      I have a Nepali friend who is a licensed guide. We would like to carry our own camping gear. We are looking for enthousiastic people to join our expedition. We leave on the 3rd to Taplejung. Let me know if you’re interested!

  2. Hi Jarek, i have very same plan. This will be my 3rd trip to Nepal, but 5th big trek there. 4 weeks in November, as lite and small as possible, fast in low parts, enjoy the upper parts. Ideally fly in and out if feasible, pay guide but not a package trip. 39years, Czech.

    • Hi Filip, last year I planed the Kanch-trek with both base camps in detail with my partner in Nepal.
      Then I decided short-term to make the Everest 3 passes trek like Jarek this year.
      It’s not easy to find the right partner for this long and formidable trek.
      As lite and small as possible, fast in low parts, enjoy the upper parts is also my style. One porter-guide is a duty and should be enough.
      I would be glad to hear from you more about your plans.

    • Hi Filip!

      I want to start the Kanchenjunga circuit with my befriended guide on the 2nd of November, allthough we are flexible for a couple of days. we need an extra member in our party for the permit. Are you interested?
      Your style sounds like the way I like to go about trekking. I have experience with unguided treks in the Tien Shan mountains.

      Mark (24)

  3. Hi, thank you for answer, but unfortunately I have to change my plans. Instead of Kanchenjunga I will visit Everests’ region.
    Good luck

    • Im going everest island peak in solo woman so if u want to join
      I have the pleasure
      Im staying till end of november

  4. Hey guys, are you still planning do the Kanchenjunga circuit in November? I would like to go there too in November. I have enough time to do it. Cheers.

    • Hey I’m keen to Kanchenjnga I am in Kathmandu at the moment

    • Hey leonardo!

      I’m in Kathmandu at the moment and would like to go on the Kanchenjunga trek at the beginning of november as well. I reckon i would fly in and take a guide. I have been browsing around and found prices starting from 1700-1800 usd. If you or anybody else is interested, just let me know 🙂

    • Hi Leonardo,

      see the comment below.
      I have a licensed guide and we are looking for extra members for our party to do the Kanchenjunga circuit on the 3rd of november.

      Mark (24)

  5. Hey everyone!

    I have a Nepalese friend that is a licensed guide. He knows the area well as his mountaineering school was in the Kanchenjunga area. I myself have experience in unguided trekking in the Tien Shan mountains in Kyrguistan.
    For the permit, we need at least one more trekker. All the additions to our party are welcome!
    We aim to leave on the 2nd of november, straight after Tihar. It will be a low as possible budget trek with an independant guide and no porters or cooks. Let me know if you’re interested!

    Mark (24)

    • Hi Mark,
      I have a group already but there’s a chance this may not be happening now so I may be interested. I fly into KTM on the 3rd November and fly back to London on 2nd December latest. How long are you planning to be on the trek for? Are you planning to mix camping and tea houses or just camping? Keep me in the loop just in case please, I should know what’s happening with my group in the next day or 2 hopefully then I can give you an answer.

  6. Hi Mark, makes a lot of sense to join. Our start and end are fixed by intercontinental flights – 6/11 – 2/12 KTM-KTM. We have good contact for agency to manage permits promptly, but still searching for a guide without big package. We are two, both experienced.

    • Sounds good Filip, I’ll send you a PM. Let’s discuss details there