Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

I’m planning to go Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. I’m looking for somebody else (2-3 people) to share the trekking permit and the costs of transportation to Taplejung, hiring a guide, a porter and lodging. I’m planning to depart from KTM 10th of october. I’ve got a low budget and I’m interested in stay at tea house or homestay. I’m interested in the culture of the area and learning some more nepali. I’ve been trekking before in Nepal, but is the first time that I’m planning to trek in kanchenjunga area. I know that the facilities won’t be as the ones that there are in Annapurna or Everest region.



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  1. Hi Alba
    I am interested in a similar trek and about the same time. I have been trekking in the past in Nepal. If you are interested get in touch. I am arriving in Kathmandu on the 14 Swptember to go on to Tibet. I will be back in Kathmandu on the 5 October. If was planning to start the trek earlier by 7 October. Awaiting to hear from you

  2. Hi Alba and Kavita,

    I’m interested in joining you on this trek and have recently made inquiries to a guide company. For a 2-3 person group, the cost (everything included except international flights and lodging/meals in Kathmandu) is around $1200 maybe a bit more or less. One guide, no porter.

    I was planning on starting the trek in mid Oct, but should be ok to start earlier around Oct 7-10, flights permitting.

    A quick intro about myself – am from Hong Kong and have hiked at high altitude in Tibetan areas of China and in Taiwan the past few years. Really looking forward to Kanchenjunga.

    Can go either N-S or S-N. I’ve asked the guide to custom design the route a bit to go off track on certain days on excursions, to do a bit of scrambling and get to places to hopefully spot wildlife. On some of those excursion days may have to camp outside if it’s too far to get back to the tea house, but for most nights we’ll stay at tea houses.

    Hope to hear from you.


    • Hi everybody
      I am also interested in the trek
      Ben is the price of $1200 for the whole group or per person?

  3. we are already enough people in the group, thank you