Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Hello everyone

I will be in Nepal from 14th November until around 30.December and would really love to do the Kanchenjunga Circuit trek as well as visit Limi valley (Humla region).

If anyone is interested in joining one (or both) trips please let me know. I am very flexible with the dates and also everything else really. (Both regions need at least 2 people for the permit)

A few facts about me: 25 years old, experienced multi-day hiker from switzerland.

Would be great to hear from someone.
Kind regards



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  1. Hi
    I’m planning to spend December in Nepal, along with a friend, and am looking for people to partner with. I’m based in Australia and my friend Martin is currently in UK.
    We are both experienced trekkers. I recently did Manaslu and Tsum Valley, followed by Annapurna circuit, meeting the people using this website.
    We will require a guide but not porter.
    For the Manaslu and Tsum Valley trek i used Magical Nepal to arrange a guide and permits. They were good and their prices were reasonable shared between 4 of us.
    Regards, John.

    • Hi John,
      What was the day rate for a guide on Manaslu/Tsum treks?

  2. Hey John, thanks for your message! Great to hear about all the treks you have already done – how did you like Tsum Valley? And do you already have plans for what you are going to do in December? I will be in Nepal 14. November until end of december and happy join others for some treks.

    • PM sent

  3. Hey there!

    I am planning to spend November and December in Nepal. I would love to find a trekking partner for these same hikes.

    Some more about me in my profile 🙂

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    • Hey,
      Great to hear that you might be interested to join! When exactly will you arrive in Nepal? I am planning on starting the Kanchenjunga trek around the 15./16. November, it takes around 3 weeks. The cost for the mandatory guide will be around 30/day I think.

      Let me know if you have any questions then we can maybe discuss more.

  4. hey! this sounds interesting, would love to join!what is the total cost of the trek you are counting? does it have teahouses?

    • Hey Daiva

      Great to hear from you. Since its a restricted area a permit and a guide is required. Cost for a guide should be around 30usd/day (can be shared) plus permit (10/person/week), plus transport there & back. Yes there should be tea houses along the way, so no need for porters/camping gear. When will you be in Nepal?

  5. Hi Lynn,
    I’d like to make the Kanchenjunga Circuit trek in november ! So id could be great to share it with you.
    I’m 31, swiss woman too, and came one time in Nepal 3 years ago.
    kind regards

    • Hey Rachel
      Great to hear from you and yes that would be amazing if we could go together! Do you already when you will arrive in Nepal? I will come to Kathmandu on 14. November.
      Kind regards

  6. Hi Lynn,
    I’m arriving in to Kathmandu 13th November.
    PM sent.

  7. Hii Lynn
    Im beginning the Kanchenjunga Circuit trek tomorrow morning from taplajung. We are treking 4 people and planing to finish it around 14-15 of november. So you are welcome to ask any questions that you have about the trek I would love to help.
    And by the way, Straight after it im planing to keep on to makalu base camp trek and right now im alone so if something will go wrong with the kanchenjunga trail you are very welcome to join me to the makalu!

    • Hey Theo, thats great to hear! I wish you an amazing trek and if we have questions we will contact you. Kind regards

  8. Hii Lynn, im Theo, begigining the Kanchenjunga Circuit trek today and plan to finish around the 15 november. So if you have any questions you are welcome to ask.
    And after this trek im planing to go to makalu base camp trek. So if something will go wrong with your plan you are more welcome to join me to the makalu..
    Theo brand this is my facebook