Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Hi people,

I’m definitely doing the Kanchenjunga Circuit trek in mid-November (probably leaving on the 17th but can be a bit flexible) and am looking for others to join the trip. There are already two of us going, but one or two more are welcome to join.

I know a good guide who I have used before. He charges approx $30 per day (which is shared). His English is decent if a bit broken, but he’s very helpful and friendly and has done this trek a bunch of times.

The plan is to get the long night bus (on the 17th) and trek to the usual starting point of Taplelung (which takes a day I think). If you prefer to fly that’s up to you – but it’s pricey and would have to arrange a meet up in Taplejung. Then it is a trek to the North Base Camp followed by the South BC at Yalung, before heading back to Taplejung. It will take approx 21+ days and it is teahouse trekking (pretty basic in some places) the whole way so no camping gear required.

(Permits for everything will come to $60 btw)

I’ve done a lot of trekking (and a bit of not so technical climbing) in Nepal and although I’m quite a good walker (not super fast or super slow) I always like to trek in a relaxed way without rushing, having tight deadlines to get back, etc. I am always happy to spend an extra day somewhere if it is nice, to acclimatize/rest, or if someone is feeling tired or a bit ill, etc.

So, if you are genuinely interested (please don’t waste my time), have a fairly flexible schedule, and are an easy-going, relaxed person with a sense of fun and adventure (please no drama queens, whingers or bossy types!) then please get in touch.

I am in Nepal now by the way (but might be in the mountains so sorry if I don’t respond immediately) so if you want to meet up over a beer or coffee or whatever in Thamel to discuss (I’ll definitely be there from Nov 13th onwards) then drop me a message.


David (36, from London)



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  1. Hi David,

    Would you be interested in starting a tad earlier? I arrive in KTM on October 15th.


    • Hi Craig, earliest I could really do would be, say, from the last week in Oct as promised to visit my Nepali “second family” for the Dashain celebrations. Too late for you?

  2. Hi David, I sent you a direct email with a few details on my plans. We overlap a chunk of the way depending on the route you take for the Southern BC so it may work out…. let me know if my small detour around Nango La suits your route.

  3. Hi frieds.
    I’m starting the Kanchanjunga trek at october 27. I take the flaight from KTM.
    I all ready bookd a guid. I’m 48 years old and I will arrive to KTM at october 24. I’m on my on so I’ll be happy to have apartner.

  4. Hi David,

    I would be very interested in joining this trip. I am a 24-year-old British female and am heading to Nepal around 13th November and would like to trek the Kanchenjunga Circuit.

    I am flexible on dates with the only limitation being that I must be back in Kathmandu by 15th December. I have a high level of fitness, with experience hiking in the Swiss Alps, Ladakh and New Zealand, am laid-back and easy-going and looking for adventure!

    If you’d like to team up, I’d be keen!


    • Hi Tushara,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yeah sure, if you’re serious you’re more than welcome to come along. Will send you a bit more info in a direct message.

      Cheers, D.