Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek


My boyfriend and I are going on the Kanchenjunga circuit trek in October/November 2017. We have already booked a guide via an agency and the trip is confirmed. We are looking for 2 other people to join us on this amazing trek!

The plan is that we fly from Kathmandu to Biratnagar the 22. October and begin the trek from there. The flight back to Kathmandu will then be the 15. November. You would probably need to arrive in Kathmandu minimum one day before in order to have the permit issued.

I am from Denmark, my boyfriend is from Germany and we live in the Netherlands. So we are a typical international couple with big love for mountains and trek (compensating for the missing mountains in Denmark and the Netherlands I guess!)
We walk in a normal speed, not too fast not too slow. The most important thing is to enjoy and embrace all impressions.
We will do it as a tea house trek, however we are still considering having a few nights in a tent since there is a certain “shortcut” on the circuit that should be absolutely amazing but only accessible with tents. This is still negotiable.

We are looking for 2 people to share this fantastic journey with us. The guide is already booked. He is a very experienced English speaking guide we have used before and have confidence in. We would then share the costs for the booking of the guide etc. We don’t have a porter.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Martin and Stephanie

Preliminary itinerary:
Day 01-Arrival day.
Day 02-Issue permits (20-10 or 21-10)
Day 03-Fly to Biratnagar and drive to Birtamod (22-10)
Day 04-Early morning Drive to Taplejung and trek to
Mitlung. (23-10)
Day 05-Trek Mitling to Chhiruwa (24-10)
Day 06-Trek Chhiruwa to Lelep. (25-10)
Day 07-Trek Lelep to Amjilosa.
Day 08-Trek Amjilosa to Gyabla.
Day 09-Trek Gyable to Ghunsa.
Day 10-Explore day in Ghunsa.
Day 11-Trek Ghunsa to Khambachhen (30-10)
Day 12-Trek Khambachhen to Lhonak (31-10)
Day 13-Trek Lhonak to Base Camp and back to
Lhonak. (01-11)
Day 14-Trek Lhonak to Khambachhen.
Day 15-Trek Khambachhen to Ghunsa
Day 16-Trek Ghunsa to Sele Le danda.
Day 17-Trek Sele Le danda via pass to Cheram. (05-11)
Day 18-Trek Cheram to Ramche
Day 19-Trek Ramche to Oktang to Ramche
Day 20-Trek Ramche to Tortang
Day 21-Trek Tortang to Lasiya Bhanjyang.
Day 22-Trek Lasiya Bhanjyang to Yamphudin (10-11)
Day 23-Trek Yamphidin to Managkhe.
Day 24-Trek Managkhe to Phumpedanda.
Day 25-Trek Phumpedanda to Taplejung.
Day 26-Drive Taplejung to Biratnagar.
Day 27-Fly back to Kathmandu. (15-11)



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  1. Hi there, that boyfriend she mentioned would be me ;o) Greetings,

  2. too late end of october….first week was perfect for me..

  3. Hi, I am keen to go. I am German but live in Australia since a while. Please get in touch.

  4. I would like to do this trek to. I am from Trinidad.

  5. hi stephanie and martin!
    im a fit english physiotherapist
    i trekked in nepal in mid and late 80s ,but am heading back this oct/nov/dec to walk kanchenjunga and manaslu circuits
    the timing of your walk would be perfect
    i ve just walked the cape wrath trail in scotland and will be walking in georgia in sept ,so i will be in good shape
    ive previously walked the haute route pyrenees twice,in a tent every night1,the gr5 and various other treks
    regards james lewis

  6. We (team) are local trekkers and we are also trekking in the same season this year. Lets meet on the way.

  7. Hi Stephanie and Martin,

    I am very interested in joining you to trek around Kangchenjunga. I’m currently on the Annapurna Circuit and entering Upper Mustang in 2 days. I had an amazing time in Sagarmartha National Park last month. So much so I plan to return to Nepal post monsoon in September, October and November to explore more of the high country.

    If you still have room on your tour I’d happily be considered. I’m 27 and Australian.

    Hope to hear from you,
    Riley Hunt

  8. Dear all. Great to hear that there are so many enthusiastic reactions so far! First of all I would like to apologize for us not replying earlier… it has been very busy lately and we didn’t have (make) time yet for any further advances in planning our trip. Please be a bit patient, we will do that as soon as possible and get in touch with you guys personally. Greetings and speak to you soon! Martin

  9. Hello Stephanie and Martin,
    Me and a friend plan on doing this trek, are you still looking for partners?
    We are both experienced hikers. I’m excited about coming back to Nepal.
    Please, let me know,

  10. Dear all, Stephanie and I just realized that we had private messages but we never got a notification, although we had that set up… also, we wrote private messages to you guys. So please, check your messages… Greetings, Martin

  11. I am interested.

  12. Hi guys! it’s nice to see such a nice topic about Kanchenjunga 🙂

    I’ll be in Nepal starting October and am really interested in trekking in kanchenjunga area.
    I did Annapurna circuit/BC; Everest BC & 3 passes a few years ago, and a few other treks in Cordillera blanca (Peru). I enjoyed so much trekking in Nepal, and would like to try a least travelled route. Kanchenjunga seems so amazing.

    So I’d be so pleased to join a group going there (but no agency). I’ll arrive in Nepal around Oct 15.

    Just let me know.


    • Hi Kevin,
      That sounds great. We are currently 3 people in total and would love to have an extra onboard.
      I will write you a private
      Message. Please check in your inbox 🙂

  13. Hi Stephanie, are you still looking for partners?

    • Hi Barty, I just sent you a private message. Please have a look in your inbox.

  14. Hi There,
    I see you have a lot of replies so doubtfull you would still be keen but am a 27 year old New Zealander who would consider joining if still space. I have completed many treks in Nepal before (3 passes, upper mustang, Annapurna circuit etc.) however would just request that I hire my own porter due to a recent ankle injury not wanting to risk with a heavy load!
    I am an emergency nurse and will be moving to Switzerland after the trek.

    Kindest regards,

    • Hi Olivia, I will send you a private message so please check your inbox 🙂

  15. hey there,

    this trek has been on my radar for years. I’m thinking of going around the same time..very flexible at this point. It would be my girlfriend and I, we are both from canada. Lets keep in touch because if we go id love to join!

    • Hi Chris
      I have sent you a private message . Please check your inbox.

  16. Hi,
    Im an easy going 34 yr old aussie guy looking to do this trek.I was in nepal last year and did a couple of treks including makalu base camp in 8 days.Been travelling since sept 2016 and can get along with just about anyone.I arrive in kathmandu 18th oct from london and am flexible when i leave if that helps.
    Cheers Nixon

    • Hi Alex,

      I just sent you a message, please check your inbox 🙂

  17. Hi,
    Is your party full allready?. Dutch guy going to Nepal from 22 to 14 nov. I am keen on joining. 52 year old guy, been 4 times before in Nepal on different treks. Drop me a note if interested. PHil

  18. Anyone interested in Makalu base camp to chukkung via sherapani col. Wild camping and a few 6000 meter passes connect Makalu and every regions. Check my post for more info!! Sorry to trekker poach but there are so many people on this thread couldn’t resist lol