Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek

Planning to do the Kanchenjunga circuit (south to north) starting November 5, 2017. I am looking for one or more partners – up to 4 people in total would be great. The plan is to hire a guide, possibly a porter (undecided) and stay in teahouses. It looks like we would be looking at about $1100-$1200 per person for guide, permits and transportation (this is based on 2 people – it will be cheaper if we have a bigger group). Food and accommodation are about $20-25 per day. I haven’t hired a guide yet, but have a couple options to choose from.

Here is the itinerary: http://www.kanchenjungatrek.com/kanchenjunga-trek-itinerary-south-north/



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  1. Hi Annabelle,
    I’m hoping to do the same trip this fall, and your dates look pretty good. Just trying to work out whether I can get away then. Four of us trekked Manaslu and the Tsum Valley a few years ago and hired a guide and porters (not an all-inclusive package). I really liked our guide (and his company) and would definitely hire him again.
    I am an experienced hiker, am pretty easy going and good natured, and like to keep to a moderate pace. How many people are you planning to include?

    • Hi Suzanne, I am thinking anywhere between 2-6 people. The latest quotes I have been getting look like $900-$1200 (depending on how many people are in the group) for guide, permits, transportation – not including food and accommodation (I have been told that would be about $25/day). I am open to suggestions for guides – does your guide know the Kanchenjunga area? I have also emailed the guide I did Dolpo with and am waiting to hear back from him.

  2. Hi Annabelle,
    I just emailed the guide I trekked with to Manaslu, and asked about familiarity and availability. I’ll let you know when I hear back.
    What part of Canada do you live in?

    • Sounds good! I am in a small town in the foothills of the Rockies in Alberta. What about you?

  3. Alberta is so beautiful! I live in Santa Barbara, California – about 100 miles north of Los Angeles on the coast.

  4. Hi Annabelle,
    I heard back from the company I used for the Manaslu trek. They are contacting the guide my group hired, to see if he is familiar with the route and available at that time. And they have no problem arranging permits, transport, etc. not as an all-inclusive trip (which, as you know, is much less expensive). I was assured they also have another guide available who has completed the Kanchenjunga circuit many times. For what it’s worth, I really liked the company – they were very honest and professional.

    I’ll let you know what more I hear, and will be interested to learn what you hear!

    • Sounds good – What is the name of the company? Did they give you a quote? I booked my flight ticket today – I arrive in Kathmandu on November 3! I will send you a private message with the quotes I got from different companies in a bit.

  5. We (team) local trekkers and experts about the community, culture and traditions. we are too planing for the circuit trek. It would be a great trek if we trek together on the way

  6. hi, i’m considering the kanchenjunga trek too. i’ve trekked in nepal and elsewhere before. is the trip confirmed and arrangements finalised? what is the final cost? thanks.

  7. Hi May, costs are not set in stone, but it will be around $1100-$1200 per person for guide, permits and transportation (based on 2 people). Food and accommodation are about $20-25 per day. More if we hire porters. Arrangements are not finalized (other than the departure date which will be November 6) and prices could change depending on the size of the group.

    • Thanks, annabelle for your reply. How many pax do u have confirmed right now?

  8. Hi Annabelle,
    I just saw your private message and also just replied you. I apologize for the delay, I never received a notification about private

    Did you already book your
    My boyfriend and I will begin the trek the 22. October and be back in Kathmandu the 15. November. We already booked a guide that we have good experience with.

    Let me know if you could still
    Be insterested.

    • Hi Stephanie, I just replied to your message. Thanks for getting back to me! Maybe we will see you on the trails 🙂

  9. Hi Anabelle, have you completed the group? I’m planing my trekking in Nepal and my first option was Kachenjunga south base camp (second one was Makalu area). But I’ve seen your proposal for South and North Base Camps and sound really chalenging and appealing!

    • Hi Jose, yes our group is now full. Have a great trip!

  10. Bonjour Anabelle
    Je suis interessé par le trek !
    Deux treks rĂ©cents au NĂ©pal : Manaslu et NaarPhu Tilicho l’annĂ©e dernière
    Tu as encore de la place ?
    Si le départ est le 6 novembre quand est le retour ?

    • Bonjour Nicolas, dĂ©solĂ©e notre groupe est dĂ©sormais complet!